New play in a secret location

Throne is set to premiere at Anywhere Festival.

New play, Throne, is set to premiere at Anywhere Festival with performances in a secret location in Noosa on May 13 and 14 at 7pm.

Are house and home the same thing?

For five adolescents, their home is the local public toilet, a place they can take refuge while finding their place in a world that is moving too fast for them.

Questioning whether they have been given the right tools by their parents and society for the daunting job of adulthood, they befriend Throne, the caretaker, but is he who they think he is?

The toilet harbours the stories of broken souls trying to find where they belong in the large gap between the rich and the poor. They are always waiting, waiting for their opportunity, waiting for the day the gap gets too big that the poor will have nothing more to eat… so they’ll eat the rich.

This new play by Virgo Nash is an exploration of how young people decipher the mixed societal messages about wealth and success to discover what is truly valuable.

Set underground inside the heritage -listed Spring Hill Reservoir in Brisbane, Throne is a lament on power and privilege and how external forces can shield the discovery of who we really are.

With performances in a secret location in the Noosa area, the audience see where the poor feel at home and the rich come to flush their dirty secrets. In a world where equality is fallible, may the poor get richer, and the rich feel their pain.

Throne is proudly supported the Regional Arts Queensland Fund which is a partnership between Queensland Government and Noosa Council to support local arts and culture in Regional Queensland.

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