The big wave project hits Noosa

The film will be on show in Noosa at Events Cinema on Monday 23 May at 7pm.

The journey into the heart of big wave surfing continues with this sequel of acclaim surf documentary, The Big Wave Project.

The film will be on show in Noosa at Events Cinema on Monday 23 May at 7pm.

This production has taken Tim Bonython around the planet to interview the world’s most renowned big wave surfers and to record the biggest and most death-defying waves. It’s a narrative that will scare viewers as much as it will exhilarate.

How can monster waves be surfed both in paddle and tow? Are there any limits? What are the stories behind the biggest waves too big to paddle?

The Big Wave Project 2 takes on those questions by traveling to all the big wave spots on the planet with the world’s most respected big wave surfers.

Locations include Nazare (Portugal) – the home of the biggest ridable wave, The Right, Shipsterns (Australia), Cloudbreak (Fiji) and Teahupo’o (Tahiti), Mavericks and Jaws ( USA).

Featuring legendary Hawaiian surfers Kai Lenny, Ian Walsh, Kohl Christensen and Aussies Jamie Mitchell, Kipp Caddy and Brad Norris, this sequel documentary brings up very special inside stories like how big wave surfing has changed at Mavericks with Jeff Clarke, or covering unique moment of bravery with the story of Ramon Navarro’s greatest moment at Fiji’s Cloudbreak.

This documentary would not be complete without Nazare, the new mecca of big wave surfing, with Kai Lenny, Andrew Cotton and world record holders Maya Gabreia and Rodrigo Koxa who share their feelings on the biggest waves ever surfed.

Plus hot off the press, that historic February 2022 swell where some serious contenders went down for a possible new Guinness World Record for the biggest wave.

The Big Wave Project 2 is made for the big screen, a show that you don’t want to miss, narrated by Australian big wave legend and world champion Tom Carroll.

The Big Wave Project 2 is directed by Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) award-winning cinematographer and multi-award winning surf film producer, Tim Bonython, who has four decades of experience in filming and documenting surfing.

To really feel the energy, this show is a gotta see on the big screen.

Tim will be in attendance at each show.

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