New exhibition shows up

Gurria and Dhinawun Dreaming. Photo: Mu-raay Djeripi

Just ahead of the 2022 NAIDOC week celebrations, a new exhibition is launching at Gaiungan Gallery in Tewantin Plaza Arcade.

Opening night on Friday 24 June is set to be filled with art, song and story.

This is a great opportunity to see a wonderful collection of Aboriginal art covering several different styles.

Artist-owner of the gallery Peter Mu-raay Djeripi Mulcahy is showing a number of new works and is also joined by two fellow local artists.

Jandamurra Cadd, an Archibald Prize finalist, and Alister Bartholomew who both have works in the exhibition.

The exhibition, timed to coincide with NAIDOC week, takes as its theme, Got up, Stood Up, Showed Up, to highlight the achievements of these three Indigenous Australians.

“This is a time when we need good strong role models,” Peter Mulcahy said.

“Our young people, whether Indigenous or non-Indigenous, are crying out for quality guidance and direction in their lives.

“We wanted to let people know that we three deadly brothers, Got Up, Stood Up and Showed Up in all aspects of our private professional and cultural lives.“

Mulcahy, whose Aboriginal name Mu-raay Djeripi means sulphur-crested white cockatoo and free-flying spirit, has over 30 years’ experience in producing fine art for both national and international clients and teaching both children and adults.

Drawing on the knowledge and deep healing ways of his ancient culture, Mulcahy brings a strong educational background and exclusive guidance from his elders to his work with young people, and in particular to his art.

His unique fine art works display profound and long-lasting stories passed down over many generations.

Reflected in these works are ancient ways of knowing and understanding ethics, morals and values, as well as a deep spirituality.

Mu-raay Djeripi’s unique, eye-catching art is full of colour, story and style and represent a window into the world’s oldest surviving culture.

The works are an engaging way of learning more about this ancient culture and help us to better understand and connect with the uniqueness of being Australian.

Got up, Stood Up, Showed Up opens at Gaiungan Gallery, Tewantin Plaza Arcade at 6.30pm on Friday 24 June, located opposite the Royal Mail Hotel Tewantin.