Sing with friends for good health

The Palmwoods Singers Theatrical Society is entering its 35th year as a community choir, and 2019 will be particularly exciting with renovations happening at the Palmwoods Memorial Hall including the final revealing of the beautiful Poppies in Flanders Fields window overlooking Piccabeen Green.

This year the Singers are planning to launch the Little Village Choir, which will focus on the many physical and emotional benefits of singing in a group. Research has shown that not only can singing lower blood pressure and improve immunity, but can also reduce stress, depression and anxiety. This is partly attributed to the deeper breathing associated with singing, but the benefits are enhanced by singing in a group setting, fostering a sense of belonging.

The Little Village Choir is a community choir, which means that all are welcome. A wonderful voice is not a requirement, but for anyone who is seeking fun, companionship and good health, come along and enjoy the benefits of singing as a group. The Little Village Choir will meet on Monday afternoons at the Palmwoods Hall.

For more information call Pat Atkinson on 0404 980 222.

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