The key to success for a better body in 2021

Start reaching your 2021 goals at Move Noosa Health Club.

For the large majority of us, a new year births new opportunities to set ones mind on getting more exercise, more consistency, more often, or as its more popularly referred to, more physical activity so that we can get ’fitter’.

The debate over what volume and intensity of exercises we should do seems be forever evolving. As one 1978 study by the ACSM recommended, “the type and amount of exercise needed to improve ’fitness’ and body composition should be on the range of five days per week at 60 per cent of heart rate max, with a duration of 60 minutes or more each day”.In contrast, during the past five years, there has been a reassessment of exercise quantity, leaning towards lesser quantities and higher intensities of exercise.

As one clinical research found, “compared with moderate intensity exercise, higher intensity exercise executed for 20-40 minutes at 65-70 per cent of max heart rate has a much greater impact on diastolic blood pressure, glucose control, and aerobic capacity, or ’fitness’ than moderate longer durations exercise.One of the most popular advocates of the less is more theory is Dr Mosley. His findings showed that doing three minutes of High Intensity Training a week can improve insulin sensitivity by 24 per cent and increase V02Max (Cardiovascular Fitness) by a substantial amount.

What does this latest research mean to us and our health and fitness goals in 2019? If the total energy expenditure of exercise is held constant, exercise performed at a vigorous intensity appears to convey equal to if not greater cardiovascular benefits than exercise performed at a moderate intensity for longer. Whether three minutes a week is enough, is debatable, but this theory reflects a growing body of evidence that suggests that quality and intensity of exercise in shorter more intense durations is being supported new way to optimal fitness, health and wellbeing.


1. Know Yourself – Understand your limitation so that you can set yourself realistic goals and objectives. Disappointment and lack of motivation can stem from unrealistic expectation. Make it a point to have short, medium and long term goals

2. Play it SMART- Keep your exercise intensity Safe, Motivating, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based.

3. Warm Up and Cool Down – Prevent injury through doing the first things first, get your body prepped and your mind ready.

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