Roll up your sleeves this World Blood Donor Day

With Friday 14 June being World Blood Day, Cancer Council Queensland CEO Chris McMillian is urging Queenslanders to become regular blood donors.

One-third of donated red cells in Australia are used to help treat people with cancer and other blood diseases.”The blood you donate can be made into 22 different medical treatments,” Ms McMillian said.

“Australians generously gave over 1.3 million donations last year, but donated blood only lasts 42 days.

“The need for blood products to support blood cancer patients doesn’t stop, so neither should blood donations.

“On behalf of Queensland cancer patients, I urge you to make an appointment with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to donate blood at and talk to organisations you are involved with about becoming a Red25 member.”

Red25 is a social responsibility program where workplaces, community groups, and universities around Australia unite to save lives through blood donation.

“Cancer Council Queensland is proud to be a Red25 partner organisation and we do our blood drives every three months,” she said.

“When you give blood you’ll be showing you care, just like we do, for Queenslanders affected by blood cancer.”

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