Weather and Covid affect cricket

Jarrod Officer batting. Photos: Craig Slaney.

Randall Woodley

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I bowl so slowly that if I don’t like a ball I can run after it and bring it back“ – J.M. Barrie, English cricketer.

Last week’s heavy rain managed to wipe out any chance of cricket being played on the coast at the weekend.

The resumption of fixtures after the Christmas break were planned for Saturday but many teams were struggling anyway to fill their team sheets with Covid taking toll on some players and their families. The Sunshine Coast Cricket Association is looking at the rules covering the Covid pandemic and it is likely that there will be more stringent measures put in place as the virus spreads further on the coast.

Already rules such as umpires not holding onto bowler’s hats and restrictions on drinks breaks are in place, but soon teams will probably be asked to keep apart from opposition players, no handshakes after matches and no high-fives or hugging after wickets are taken.

To those who have played cricket over the years it will be news to them that the traditional 3pm afternoon teas are no longer part of cricket matches on the coast. Those home-made cakes, pikelets and plates of fruit have disappeared from the club houses due to the Covid rules. However, these are minor restrictions to be endured if the matches can continue for the rest of the season without major interruption.

Next Saturday’s matches will now be one-dayers; 50 overs a side for First Grade and 40 overs for all other grades. Training has commenced and, if the weather stays fine, there will be practice at Read Park each Tuesday and Thursday commencing at 5.30pm.

Schedule of matches for Saturday, January 15 :-

First Grade v Caloundra at Read Park commencing at 10am

Second Grade v Caboolture at Caboolture commencing 12.30pm

Fourth grade v Yandina at Yandina commencing 12.30pm

Sixth Grade v Yandina at Dale Officer Oval commencing at 12.30pm

The First Grade Thunder team is keen to win their 21st match in a row against the Caloundra Lighthouses but anything can happen in a 50 over match so they will need to play well and hope they can field their strongest team available.

Second Grade is fourth on their ladder but a win against the Caboolture Snakes will see them move closer to the top team.

Sixth Grade finished 2021 on a winning note and is placed second and in good position to make their mark in the finals.