Expo sparks community interest

Test driving a Voltrium electric cycle. Photos: Rob Maccoll

By Margaret Maccoll

Visitors travelled statewide and interstate to see the latest in electric vehicle technology at the Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN) organised Electric Vehicle Expo on Saturday while exhibitors journeyed even further with one urban transporter arriving by boat from China last week for its first showing in Australia.

Electric powered and with its small size the emotion concepts three-wheel cargo carrier offers solutions to problems of traffic congestion, emissions and parking, emotion concepts director Wolfgang Roffmann said.

ZEN president Vivien Griffin said the changing market was demonstrated by the range of vehicles on show at the expo from high end producers including Jaguar and Renault to privately built vehicles.

Daniel Keating brought his Voltrium electric personal mobility scooters from Melbourne to the expo. Daniel said people from all walks of life including tradies, campers and golfers, as it has a golf attachment, were interested in the vehicle.

While a motor bike and a racing cart created by engineers from two separate universities were also on show at the university.

University of Queensland engineer Karl Richards said he designed and built his Ducavelo electric motor bike because he wanted to show “what could be done as an urban commuter”. He said it was fun, had style and was low maintenance.

Engineer Mark Burridge built his electric racing kart as a project for Central Queensland University. Mark said the kart was “almost silent”, accelerated quickly and was very fast. He said he believed it was the only fully electric racing kart in Australia and had attracted a lot of interest at the expo.

Ms Griffin was buoyed by the crowds that attended the event and said the exhibitors were very happy with the interest shown in their vehicles.