MP’s promise to fix traffic hotspot

Noosa MP Sandy Bolton and Main Roads and Transport Minister Mark Bailey at Beckmans Road earlier this year.

Stages 2 and 3 of the Tewantin Bypass upgrade are on Noosa MP Sandy Bolton’s radar for the coming term of Parliament.

“So far, I have secured $10.3 million in total funding to get Stage 1 underway, to be completed within two years,” the independent MP said.

“Stage 1 is the construction of a dual-lane roundabout at the Cooroy Noosa/Beckmans Road intersection, which is vital to commence whilst Main Roads and Noosa Council are negotiating the finer points of stages 2 and 3.

“Funding will be obtained to construct these two stages – the Beckmans/Eumundi Noosa Rd Roundabout, and the connections between the two roundabouts, as a priority.

“These next stages I commit to get built before the end of next term, with as minimal disruption as possible.”

Ms Bolton said while many words about Beckmans Rd were spoken in the years prior to her election to Parliament in 2017, “that’s all they were: words”.

“Nothing was done about this most important arterial road, despite Noosa residents crying out about it for years, regardless of which party has held power,” she said.

“As an independent MP, I have achieved results.

“To those who suggest voting for an independent as opposed to a major party will never see anything getting done, the facts speak for themselves.

“An incumbent major party can take you for granted, while the other major party in opposition can promise the world then not deliver when they assume government. This is what has happened in the past, and where we do not want to go again.

“For the 30 years I have lived here, I have respected the diverse independent views and values of my fellow residents who sought their independence through de-amalgamation.

“Having an independent voice in the State Parliament has complimented both their aims, and vision – and this term we have been heard clearly – and achieved so much.”

Ms Bolton said road de-maining negotiations over Beckmans Rd between Main Roads and Noosa Council at the turn of the century, which were understood to ensure Main Roads would construct a new bypass road, included conditions of anticipated population growth in Noosa Shire – which has not materialised to date.

“As a result, I have had to work hard to promote the significance of Beckmans Rd to Noosa, including during emergencies, and highlight the dangers, as well as frustrations,” she said.

“Stage 1 is vital headway, but this is not, and never has been, a one-term project.

“I will complete the work I have started, which will see an end to both the traffic accidents and massive peak-hour traffic congestion we have all endured for so many years.”

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