By Margaret Maccoll

Name: Tony Moore (Independent)
Suburb: Nicklin Resident
Occupation: Primarily a cabinetmaker, but also work as a Strategic Advisor and Entrepreneur.
The Nicklin issues are:
1. The rail line duplication – which would be delivered as a condition of support to form Government.
2. To retain our people, business and employment, and attract opportunity and sustainability – reinvent Nambour to be the creative industry precinct of the Sunshine Coast, attracting university investment, housing opportunity; film, music and arts production businesses and communities. Seconder new government departments to the district, to provide inbound travellers; and identify or best attractions to raise our tourism profile and a public transport destination.
3. High cost of living from energy and water issues – the only two ways to deal with this is lower expenses or increase incomes. In parliament I would act to bring down cost of living drivers, and increase our earning potentials, and attractiveness as an investment, business centre, and tourism destination.
How do I do this? A good government is as easily corrupted by bad policy, as a bad government is revived by good policy. My job is to know the difference, stand and deliver. More information is available from www.tonymoore.info

Name: Rachel Ana Radic (Independent)
Suburb: Nambour
Occupation/business: Special Needs Teacher
Name three issues you think are most important to the people of Nicklin and say how you will address them.
1. Kindness. This may seem broad, but I think everyone struggles these days living in a world where people feel too stressed and not worthy enough to be kind to one another. Focusing on how we can help our most vulnerable in society (our elderly, special needs children and animals) will help to achieve a sense of purpose in our community again. It’s amazing how powerful the act of helping others can be for our own morale.
2. The threat to our environment and native animals from development. If elected I would properly protect our native bush land and animals.
3. A vibrant plant-based economy. If elected I would ensure that plant-based businesses are encouraged and rewarded. We already have two in Nambour alone – Delicats and Sun Thai! Choosing plant-based alternatives is helping to sustain a real future for Nicklin. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, loss of native species, ocean dead zones and climate change. If we want to protect Nicklin we need to move towards a plant-based economy.

Name: Justin Raethel (Labor)
Suburb: Nambour
Occupation: State College IT Manager
1. Job opportunities are a key challenge in Nicklin, people want to earn a living and while employment is up over the last three years we can generate more jobs in the Food and Agribusiness sector. Labor has already delivered grants to train staff in new skills, build new equipment and develop more products. I believe we have an untapped potential with Industrial (non-THC-containing) Hemp, to help build some of the new houses that the Coast will need.
2. House/Cost of Living pressures: Local housing advocacy groups have suggested Community-funded housing projects, instead of Government-funded ones, like what is happening in the UK, and what we already do with Defense Housing in Australia. Some charity groups are already working with these plans, and we could expand them, with a well-designed structure that protects investors and renters.
3. Transport/Mobility: We need to continue existing plans to get more trains running North from Brisbane, and have expanded Sunshine Coast tracks to run them on, while preserving Heritage and Environment features. We need better-designed roads in Cooroy, with the Elm/Myall Street intersection a key priority, followed by the Elm/Diamond Street intersection. Council is working with DTMR already, I support those efforts.

Name: Mick Tyrrell (Greens)
Suburb: Yandina
Occupation/business: Local Builder/Business Owner – Michael Tyrrell Builder/Sunshine Coast Sheds
Name three issues you think are most important to the people of Nicklin and say how you will address them.
1. Myall Street Railway Bridge and the Diamond/Myall Street Intersection. This bridge is a compound issue because of the problem it creates at the intersection when cars queue up to turn right, eventually closing off access to the left slip lane. One option is to control the intersection with lights, the other is to allow free flowing “left“ turns with only the cross flow entering a roundabout to even the flow. Of course, this needs more space and road capacity which would be enabled with a wider bridge including a pedestrian bridge. The Diamond/Myall Street intersection needs a roundabout to be constructed.
2. Duplication of the Rail Line from Beerburrum to Cooroy. The Greens are proposing to implement a $10B Queensland Public Infrastructure Bank to fund projects like the duplication of the railway from Beerburrum to the northern reaches of the Sunshine Coast, and the widening of the bridge over the railway line in Cooroy, and the construction of the roundabout.
3. Nambour Hospital Upgrade. Fast tracking of the Nambour Hospital upgrade should also be made a priority. Funds for this would also be available from the Queensland Public Infrastructure Bank.

Name: Jeffrey Hodges
Suburb: Flaxton (Blackall Range)
Occupation/business: Lecturer/Consultant for Elite Athletes (Mental Training)
Name three issues you think are most important to the people of Nicklin and say how you will address them.
Honesty, Integrity, Lifestyle.
Others talk about infrastructure, jobs, environment – they’re all important – but none of those things can happen without people of honesty and integrity in government.
We are over-governed, over-regulated, and over-taxed, while wealthy corporations get away with environmental vandalism, take our resources for a pittance, and pay little or no tax.
Why does this happen? One reason – political ‘donations’. Bribes if we are brutally honest.
Our party doesn’t accept political donations and will maintain our honesty and independence.
I will be a peacemaker and a bridge builder – because on the left you have Greens and ALP, and on the right LNP and One Nation – but they don’t work with each other!
What is needed is someone in the sensible centre who can talk to both sides. The Civil Liberties and Consumer Rights Party stands in the sensible centre and we will negotiate the best outcomes for everyone.
I will stop Adani mine which threatens our Great Barrier Reef and the 70,000 jobs it supports; and end CSG mining in our important agricultural areas, and ensure that we maintain our great lifestyle with stricter regulation on developments.
Please vote 1 Jeffrey Hodges in the sensible, honest centre!

Note: By the time of going to print Noosa Today had not received responses from candidates Marty Hunt (LNP) or Steven Ford (One Nation).

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