Noosa Today contacted candidates from Ninderry and Nicklin electorates which take in some areas of Noosa Shire to name the three issues they thought were most important to the people of their electorate and say how they would address them. Here are their responses:

Name: Richard Bruinsma (Independent)
Suburb: Palmwoods, office in Coolum, meeting daily with Ninderry residents.
Occupation/business: Journalist, editor of Coolum Advertiser, former political adviser.
Name three issues you think are most important to the people of Ninderry and say how you will address them:
The top issue is the lack of leadership in Queensland – there’s confusion over what the major parties stand for, the economy is stagnant, and there’s fear of the future. I will be a “traditional voice” for Ninderry, who actually listens and takes on local issues, and works with government to get solutions.
The second issue is debilitating cost of living increases. People are fearful of future bills, so they’re hoarding their money, which causes a flat economy. I will be a sensible influence, working for Ninderry, not a self-focused party, to help government reduce debt and fees, and create much-needed economic confidence again.
Third is complacency. Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.“ If locals again vote LNP or ALP, they can expect three more years of stagnation.
I am experienced, approachable, dedicated, sensible, not tied to any political party, so I can truly represent Ninderry issues.

Name: Bill Gissane (Labor)
Suburb: Coolum Beach.
Occupation: Small business proprietor.
Number one priority is to end the neglect of years of LNP representation. We don’t need another representative who will be soundly ignored in George Street. We need a fresh start. Ninderry will possibly determine the next government – either a Palaszczuk majority or an LNP/PHON mish-mash (with disastrous prospects). With the bargaining power of being a marginal seat, I can get government attention for the pressing issues in Ninderry like – fixing one lane bridges, decent public transport (including fixing the access issues in Doonan and Peregian Springs), review of local government boundaries, protection of floodplains and waterways and extending rates concessions to retirement village residents.
I can also use the new solar farm in Valdora to extend the generation of sustainable energy throughout Ninderry and therefore lower power prices.
I will also fight for the arrival of the submarine data cable to ensure the future jobs for our children and grandchildren. I have the experience in managing businesses for profit as well as a lifetime of service to sporting and professional groups. Ninderry is just too important to be left behind as an LNP default. This is your first and only opportunity to set the direction – new seat, fresh start.

Name: Jamila Riley (Independent)
I am an Independent running with the policies, goals and support of the Animal Justice Party. I aim to create positive change for animals, people and the environment. Qualified in conservation and land management, I grew up in a small country town surrounded by nature and animals, which I’ve respected, loved and cared about since before I can remember. While we killed and ate the animals on the farm I grew up on, not out of necessity, but because it was the “way of life“, today I aim to challenge that inherited thinking and encourage cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable business in our community. My priority issues are stopping Sekisui, Adani and imposing stronger laws against animal cruelty. I’m not interested in popularity politics, I am here to bring real change to improve Queensland. I have faith in this community and that you will choose kindness and honesty this election.

Name: Dan Purdie (LNP)
Detective – Sunshine Coast Child Protection and Investigation Unit.
Key issues for Ninderry: rising cost of living, lack of efficient public transport, and over-development of our region.
The LNP has a great set of policies that are aimed at helping families with the cost of living, including the plan to freeze car registration price rises. We also have a well-researched energy policy which will see increased competition between the big power companies and result in energy bills decreasing by $780 over the next four years.
I believe that public transport is the most efficient way of getting cars off the road, reducing congestion and pollution in our area. I held a public transport policy forum recently, where the key issue was the lack of direct public transport between areas. We need more direct routes and more stops.
However, of most importance is managing development on the Sunshine Coast. I have heard time and time again, we don’t want our area to become like the Gold Coast.
The best way to manage this is to work with council and the community to properly plan out new developments and infrastructure. I don’t want long-time residents crowded out of their homes.

Name: Barry Ward (One Nation)
Suburb: Doonan
Occupation/business: Financial Strategist
Name three issues you think are most important to the people of Ninderry and say how you will address them.
1. The Ninderry residents have raised many local issues that are concerning, however as the election campaigning progressed, the conversations increasingly highlighted the key concerns are at state level.
2. High on the list is the runaway debt that has been incurred, and the lack of confidence this can be turned around without more pain locally. The lack of confidence in the major party leadership in recent years is worrying, and knowing the great many promises we hear, simply increase our debt. Particularly galling is the “if elected“ vote winning promises that generally never see the light of day.
3. On matters directly affecting Ninderry residents, the key issues are the spiralling cost of living through continued ramping up of essential service prices for power, water and registration, no jobs growth through small business development, and the perennial roads and rail promises, that historically are shelved post-election. The two major parties historically ignore the Coast in regards to an equitable share of the state wallet for growing the region.
My only promise is to keep listening to the Ninderry residents, and work hard within One Nation to ensure the Sunshine Coast as the third highest population region rises up from 10th position on government spending.

Name: Sue Etheridge (Greens)
Suburb: Forest Glen
Occupation/business: Small Business Owner/Accounts Manager
Name three issues you think are most important to the people of Ninderry and say how you will address them. Electricity Prices: Cost of living and electricity prices are a concern for everyone. The Greens have a plan to put retail, generation, and distribution back into public hands which would reduce the average Queensland household electricity bill by 40 per cent – $526 per year. This amount is the combined profit and the cost of doing business for these privately-owned energy retailers.
Roads/Traffic Issues: Interconnectivity and access issues are consistently being raised by residents. The duplication of the Sunshine Coast Motorway, and the duplication of the heavy rail line from Beerburrum to Nambour would address some of these issues. A cheaper and more effective public transport system would reduce the volume of cars using our roads. The Greens have a fully-costed plan for $2 flat fares for the Sunshine Coast and free public transport for under 18s. Dodgy Development Deals: Property developers, gambling corporations and mining corporations get billions of dollars’ worth of favourable decisions from the Queensland Government. If elected, a Greens MP will move to overhaul our broken system in the first 100 days of the new Parliament. We’ll move to break up the cosy relationship between Labor and the LNP, and big corporations.

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