George from Voodoo Bacon shares this delicious recipe for his Voodoo Bacon with Buttermilk Pancakes, Maple Syrup and Butter! Voodoo Bacon is available at Belmondos Organic Market.

500 grams Voodoo Bacon (sliced rindless).
350 ml Canadian maple syrup.
120g unsalted butter (for the top of the pancakes).
300g plain flour.
20g sugar.
5g salt.
3g baking powder.
1g bi-carb.
350ml buttermilk.
125ml milk (full cream).
2 eggs (whole).
20g butter (melted).

Add all dry ingredients into a bowl. Then add wet ingredients into another bowl and whisk. Add dry ingredients to wet and beat until smooth.
Cook on hot oiled pan.

Plating up
Stack cooked pancakes on a plate while still hot. Top with cooked crisp Voodoo Bacon strips and a generous amount of unsalted butter. Drizzle real maple syrup over everything. Wipe the drool off of your lips and enjoy all of this!

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