Top 10 ways to eco-gift this Christmas

Check out the Plastic Free Noosa eco-gift display at the Visitor Information Centre on Hastings Street.

Christmas is a time of generosity and kindness, but it doesn’t need to be at the expense of the planet.

Rubbish volumes rise by an astounding 30 per cent across the festive season, largely made up of packaging waste from consumer gifting, Styrofoam packaging, plastic and wrapping paper.

According to the charity organisation Million Women, if each person reduced their Christmas waste by one kilogram, we could prevent a whopping eight million kilograms of carbon dioxide pollution as well save millions of dollars! It’s time to re-evaluate how we can make our gift-giving more meaningful while simultaneously caring for the planet this holiday season and the seasons that follow.

The team from Plastic Free Noosa have compiled a list of the top 10 ways to eco-gift this Christmas and commits to doing things differently and sustainably. Read on to learn how you can make a difference too.

1 – But, Kids

The little ones often have an endless Wishlist of (usually plastic) toys and while we don’t want to disappoint sometimes less is more. A motto we like to live by when purchasing presents for children is to buy them something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

2 – Buy Local

Buying local is one of the top ways to reduce your environmental impact, given that supply chains account for approximately 60% of all global carbon emissions. Lucky for you, Noosa is filled with incredible local businesses that create sustainable and unique goods that will be sure to impress your loved ones.

3 – Low-waste gifting

One of the easiest swaps we can make at Christmas is the use of wrapping paper. A concept we love is the Japanese art of fabric wrapping, known as Furoshiki. You can purchase reusable, purpose-made, printed Furoshiki fabrics, or simply dig through your cupboards and repurpose old linen, newspapers or magazines.

4 – Gift Alternatives

Think outside of the box (literally) when gift-giving this year. Consider gifting a donation, membership, or experience instead of a physical gift. Not only is it more sustainable, it’s also been proven that experiences are more emotionally satisfying than physical gifts.

5 – Experiences

Create memories to last a lifetime with a Noosa experience! There are so many to choose from including a show at the J Noosa or Noosa Arts Theatre, a surfing safari with Epic Ocean Adventures, a pottery course at the Butter Factory Arts Centre, a cooking class at ALBA by Kuruvita and the list goes on.

6 – Shop Second Hand

Save precious resources and pre-loved items from landfill and give them a whole new life while saving money in the process. Local op shops and thrift stores are often stacked with clothing still bearing original price tags, or homewares in near-perfect condition. This is truly one of the best ways to score a unique and personal gift.

7 – Circular Gifting

Thanks to technology and innovative thinking, many products destined for landfill are now being upcycled or recycled into other products. This diverts valuable resources from landfill and reintroduces them back into a circular loop, creating great eco-gifts you can feel good about.

8 – Get Baking

The festive season is the perfect excuse to get into the kitchen and start baking. Whip up some delicious buttery shortbreads, rich fruity slices or chewy toffee bundled up in a decorative repurposed jar and cover it with a colourful beeswax wrap from Bee Eco Wraps.

9 – Get on board the #reusables train

Give your loved ones a gentle hint to stop using single-use items by gifting them beautiful; and locally made ceramic coffee cups, drink bottles, or reusable tote bags. Head to Pottery For The Planet for a unique, handmade ceramic cup or grab a colourful Noosa water bottle from the Visit Information Centre.

10 – Buy quality

Buy once and buy well. Invest in products that are made to stand the test of time and support companies that give back to their community and the planet. Choose small, ethical businesses that focus on purpose over profit, this will go a long way for both your loved one and the planet.

Need some more inspiration? Head down to the Visitor Information Centre on Hastings Street and check out the Plastic Free Noosa eco-gift display showcasing local sustainable product samples from across Noosa. Simply scan the QR code featured alongside your favourite eco-conscious gift and buy direct in time for Christmas!

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