Noosa Orchestra prepares a Mosaic of Musical Masterpieces

Sue Hunkin, Susan Glendinning, Lee Bryant, and Ruth Bonetti.

Spanning two centuries, from Vivaldi to Karl Jenkins, each score of this mosaic of musical masterpieces presented by Noosa Orchestra forms a picture of classical (and neo-classical) music at its finest.

· Vivaldi – Concerto in C Major for two clarinets and two oboes (1740).

· Schubert – Italian Overture (1871).

· Dvorak – Adagio from 7th Symphony (1885).

· Karl Jenkins – Palladio (composed between 1993-1995).

The spotlight will shine on four woodwind instrument soloists: Ruth Bonetti, Lee Bryant, Sue Hunkin and Susan Glendinning, as they bring to life these delightful and varied musical scores.

A little-known fact is the Vivaldi concerto was it was written for the chalumeau, a smaller early version of the clarinet, which was made from boxwood, hence it had a lighter quality. Clarinet soloist Ruth Bonetti said the audience would hear the clarinettists sounding bright and light in this rendition while the oboes would play the busier parts.

“It’s a very bright and uplifting Baroque-era piece with a slower movement in between,” Mrs Bonetti said.

“The two groups of soloists, the clarinets and the oboes, really work together and imitate each other, there’s a lot of bouncing ideas off one another, musically speaking.”

At the other end of the musical spectrum is a neo-classical piece composed by Karl Jenkins between 1993 – 1995.

Karl said, “Palladio was inspired by the 16th-century Italian architect Andrea Palladio, whose work embodies the Renaissance celebration of harmony and order. Two of Palladio’s hallmarks are mathematical harmony and architectural elements borrowed from classical antiquity, a philosophy which I feel reflects my own approach to composition.”

The piece in three movements is scored for a string orchestra and the audience will hear the first movement, Allegretto. Fun fact: motifs from the first movement were used in a 1993 De Beers TV commercial titled “A Diamond is Forever”.

Noosa Orchestra also celebrates the birthdays of two famous composers: Anton Bruckner (1824) with his gradual motet “Locus Iste”, arranged for strings by Noosa Orchestra conductor Antoni Bonetti; and Charles Ives (1874) “Variations on America” based on the music of God save the King but it’s also an America hymn (My Country ‘Tis of Thee).

Ives was heard to say, “Is not beauty in music too often confused with something which lets the ears lie back in an easy chair?”.

“These works will showcase the blistering talent of Noosa Orchestra’s brass players,” Mr Bonetti said.

“And our crowd pleaser will be music from the Lord of the Rings.”

Event details:

What: Noosa Orchestra and Ensembles presents: A Mosaic of Musical Masterpieces

When: Sunday 14 July (Cooroy) and Sunday 21 July (Noosaville). Start time: 2.30pm.

Where: Cooroy Memorial Hall | Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Hall (Noosaville)

Tickets: Adults $35 | Students (18+) $15 | School age $10 (plus booking fee) or $40 at the door (cash only).