Generator Genie: The Show Must Go On!

The Civilised Sultan Production was a hit for all.

As the storm was hitting Eumundi on Halloween 2020, The Civilised Sultan Production was preparing for it’s premier in the School of Arts Hall.

A large cast of local actors, dancers and musicians were all set to go on stage when the weather turned wild and resulted in a total blackout.

The wind was howling, the lightning was crashing and a huge tree had collapsed at the entrance of Memorial Drive so guests and cast members who had not arrived yet were either turned away or forced to find alternative routes.

A frantic call out for a generator brought no good news. The guests settled into the darkness and the cast meeting outcome established that if the power did not return in a half hour, they would be forced to cancel the show.

As the clock ticked and the reality of the situation settled in, the main character, The Sultan, announced to the audience that they would be rescheduling the show.

A few seconds after, the front doors burst open, and the Generator Genie yelled down the hall, “We have a generator“.

One of the musicians, Zane, determined as he was, had wandered down Memorial Drive and heard the buzz of a generator in a house.

Dressed in his Arabian attire, he knocked on the door and spent the next few moments explaining our plight and convincing the man to let us borrow his generator. He agreed, leaving his own house in darkness, and returned with Zane to save the show.

Belinda Scarcella said their wonderful sound and lighting team Skyfall Entertainment got to work straight away, and within minutes the curtains were opening and the audience cheered.

“We don’t know the name of this good samaritan, but we are eternally grateful to his kindness and Zane’s determination,“ Belinda said.

“They truly saved the night. The show went on to be a memorable and exciting event, a wonderful example of community spirit, and the perfect Halloween Special.

“Due to popular demand, and to compensate the ticketholders who couldn’t make it, we are announcing a third and final show on Sunday 15 November 4pm.“