Mental breakdown sparks new exhibition

A Sense of Home is the title of an exhibition by Gillian Rachel.

A Sense of Home is the title of an exhibition by Gillian Rachel at the Pomona Railway Station Gallery until 24 April.

Gillian says the exhibition is her way of honouring the land she lives on and the part it plays in her healing journey after a mental breakdown in 2022.

“My life seemed doomed, I felt hopeless and lost and abandoned all my dreams because my fear was all-consuming,” she said.

“The modern world disconnects us from the natural world, but we are tethered to it in ways we will never understand.

“The more I walked in nature, breathed in its scents, welcomed its breeze on my skin, opened myself up to its stillness, the stronger I became. And I seek it out still.”

Gillian Rachel was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast and now calls the Hinterland her home where she resides on a 90-acre former farm with her husband, daughter, three “rambunctious” dogs and a “capricious” cat.

Life for her now, she said feels like a blessing, despite the hard days and the struggles.

She learnt painting from an early age but is just beginning her art practice again, still discovering herself and what being an artist means to her.

The volunteer-run Pomona Railway Station Gallery is at 10 Station St, Pomona.

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