Abstract artist Michael Whitehead set for solo exhibition

Local abstract artist Michael Whitehead in his studio.

Local abstract artist, Michael Whitehead has been painting avidly to produce a new stunning collection of work ready for his solo exhibition ‘Remember to Forget’, showing from 11-28 April at The G Contemporary, 6/32 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads.

Michael has been exhibiting his artwork on Hastings Street for over 20 years.

Having joined The G Contemporary in 2022, the Gallery Directors, Steve and Karen Beardsley are delighted to curate and showcase this new body of work.

For collectors who have followed Michael’s career over the years, there will be recognisable glimpses of his signature works, whilst exploring an exciting new direction with colour and media.

Michael Whitehead has pondered on the title of the exhibition.

“Remembering to forget seems an abstract thought, in as much as how do you remember the thing you want to forget without having first remembering it,” he said.

The question gets asked “what got you to this point where you created this painting?”

Of course, a large part of the answer is – every painting that went before this one has been a contributor. In the painting process there is a need to not try and slavishly re-produce the paintings that went before the current one, in order to ensure that the current painting doesn’t look formula or laboured. So, in that sense everything that went before is important in the evolution of current works, but there is a need to look forward and not be bound by what happened in the past.

Remember to Forget is a line in the song, ‘Easy to Slip’ by legendary LA band Little Feat.

Join the Gallery Directors and the artist Michael Whitehead at The G Contemporary, Hastings Street on Saturday 13 April from 5 to 7pm to celebrate the exhibition’s opening (RSVP essential).