July at the Pomona Railway Station Gallery

In the Banana Shed, Josi Gabe will present her exhibition The Eclectic Works of Jo Gabe.

Colourful artists and exciting exhibitions can be seen this July at the Pomona Railway Station Gallery.

In the Carriage Room, Glen Buckley, presents his exhibition Draw The Line. His new exhibition stems from his love of graphic art and artists such as M C Escher, Gustav Klimt and Aubrey Beardsley.

Glen said, “I am fascinated by the flow and curve of line where movement is seemingly random yet designed. The work finished yet ever evolving.“

In this art selection, imaginary and abstract elements are combined to create distinct graphic groupings.

Draw the Line exhibition is in the Carriage Room 3 July to 5 August.

The artist will be in attendance at the gallery every Wednesday between 1pm and 4pm or by appointment.

In the Banana Shed, Josi Gabe will present her exhibition The Eclectic Works of Jo Gabe, a mix of contemporary and realism paintings inspired by her world travels.

The official opening is on Saturday 10 July at 10am and the exhibition will run through until 29 July.

Art Market in the Paddock will be held on Saturday 24 July from 9am to 1pm at the gallery paddock.

This colourful and popular event allows visitors to directly interact with artists to discuss and purchase works at reasonable prices.

Gallery memberships are due by 30 June. Community members are encouraged to join in support of the gallery.

Artists who plan on displaying in the gallery must be members.

Annual membership is $30. Membership forms can be picked up at the gallery or online at www.pomonartgallery.com

The Pomona Railway Station Gallery is located at 10 Station St. Pomona. It is open everyday, serving artists for over 20 years.