Uncovering Noosa’s local treasures

Pottery For The Planet is opening their doors to the public during Noosa Open Studios.

Pottery For The Planet is opening their doors to the public during Noosa Open Studios, providing locals and visitors an immersive opportunity to connect with the craft and artists behind these award winning ceramics.

The Noosa Open Studios event, from 1 to 10 October, sees more than 100 artists and artisans welcome the public into their personal creative spaces across the Noosa region.

Making it the second largest open studios event in Australia.

Renton Bishopric, Pottery For The Planet Co-founder and second-generation potter, said, “This is the perfect chance for the public to come and meet us, and learn more about the inspiration and process involved in every piece we create.”

“We’re excited to not only showcase our most recent works, but also our new creative space and studio here in Noosaville.

“We’ll be featuring a unique range of ar1san tableware and mugs in our showroom. With visitors also being able to walk-through our studio, watching throwing demonstrations from potters working on the wheel, and also learning more about the art of glazing and seeing our kilns being fired.

“The public will be able to visit us any1me from 10am to 4pm during the full 10 days, including both weekends.”

Spanning two decades, Renton Bishopric’s pottery career has taken him on a journey that started as apprentice training under his father Steve Bishopric, at the family’s famous Nob Creek pottery studio in Central Queensland.

Through to his current role as co-owner of Pottery For The Planet, where he combines his passion for sustainability with his art, creating a range of ‘reusable’ products aimed at reducing single-use plastic waste, alongside a unique range of ceramic homewares.

“Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have art as a medium to communicate my views on the bigger environmental, social and political issues we face on the planet,” he said.

“In recent years we have taken this one step further in creating products that are beautiful, functional and most of all, great for the planet.”

Don’t miss this great opportunity to visit one of Australia’s largest working Pottery Studio’s.