Noosa local in rock opera

Honeybird band to perform Metropolis.

In an Australian first the iconic silent movie Metropolis will be joined live on stage with rock band HoneyBird performing an epic live rock soundtrack at Brisbane’s Tivoli in April.

HoneyBird is a formidable blues driven, progressive rock band featuring Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher, Noosa’s own Anthony Wynne-Hoelscher, Andy Kidd, Paul Kusy, Jon May, Ami Carney.

There’s no debate… Metropolis is the most influential science fiction film ever made.

Even if you’ve never seen Metropolis, chances are you’ve seen a film (Blade Runner, The Fifth Element), a dress (Karl Lagerfield, Thierry Mugler, Versace and Givenchy), a pop video (Queen, Madonna and Beyonce) or a building that was inspired by it … even the design of Star War’s iconic C-3PO was inspired by the robot in Metropolis.

The film’s look featuring the teetering architecture, the lever-and-dial mechanisms, the round-shouldered workers marching in unison, the futuristic fashions and of course, the robot, have all been major influences in the design world.

This silent film fires the imagination of everyone who sees it.

The movie, directed in 1927 by Fritz Lang, is set in an urban dystopia where planes glide between the summits of lofty skyscrapers, where the boss class lives luxuriously in the fresh air at the very top – and the workers go home to underground slums, after punishing shifts operating the mechanisms that power the city.

The workers want to rebel, but are guided by a young teacher, Maria, who preaches unity and patience. That’s where the shock-haired, wild-eyed scientist Rotwang and his future-tech creation, a “machine-man“ robot, come in. Rotwang, in cahoots with the big boss makes over his robot to look like Maria, with a wicked gleam in her kohl-circled eyes.

This irresistible, fake Maria whips the workers into a frenzy, and together they storm the factory, leading to a flood and the threat of a terrible catastrophe.

Fast forward to 2020 and Australian rock band, Honeybird have joined forces with renowned string ensemble Adiamus to produce an incredible live rock opera performance set against Metropolis digitally remastered on the big screen.

Performing at Brisbane’s iconic The Tivoli Theatre on 4 April, the rock opera has everything – drama, sci-fi, forbidden love, action, exotic dancers and an epic live rock performance.

Actress and singer Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher sets the scene at the start with a stunning monologue providing an insight into the world of Metropolis whilst photographer, director Ian Golding has created an updated visual narrative.

Featuring 22 songs that have been cleverly delivered to relate and enhance the visual experience of the movie, these original compositions by Honeybird are supplemented with some unlikely musical covers, reinterpreted, to give the audience points of recognition and allow these great songs to fill grand narrative spaces.

After an acclaimed six-date tour of this show (including official selection in the 2017 Noosa International Film Festival), Brisbane’s iconic Tivoli hosts the latest manifestation of Metropolis the Rock Opera on Saturday 4 April at 7pm.

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