Art set to inspire in Pomona

Artist April Greer will present her exhibition in the Carriage Room.

Three new exhibitions are set to inspire audiences at the Pomona Railway Station Gallery.

In the Carriage Room, April Greer, presents her exhibition Nature’s Beauties, A Whimsical Refuge.

Her style joyously blends realism from the natural world with vibrant abstract-ism, alluring textures and gentle, subtle symbolism.

April said, “Each painting begins with a thought, an inspiration born out of the beauty of everyday life.“

“From here I embark on a journey, paint brush in hand, music flowing, layers building. I hope that every painting tells a story, destined to enrich and nourish the observer’s mind.

“I believe art has the power to provide relief, capable of transforming the mind into positive ways of being.

“I aspire to offer the viewer a refuge, a moment of happiness in this ever changing and somewhat challenging world. I hope my art brightens up your day, your mind, your life.”

Nature’s Beauties, A Whimsical Refuge exhibition is in the Carriage Room 7 August to 2 September.

In the Banana Shed, Tia Carrigan will present her exhibition Colour Your World.

Tia’s work is contemporary, with an emphasis on abstract patterns, painted with an embodiment of movement and freedom.

Her exhibition is a celebration of diverse creative paths that have led the artist here today.

From fashion and textiles, to graphic design, to floristry and to painting.

A merging and expression of the bird life and flowers that feature in Tia’s florist and art studio gallery in Pomona.

Colour Your World exhibition is in the Banana Shed 31 July to 25 August.

There is always something new at the Pomona Railway Station Gallery, which is located at 10 Station Street, Pomona.

It is open everyday and has been supporting local artists for more than 20 years.