It’s still – a still life

Pam's new still lifes. Supplied.

Following the success of her Travel Memories exhibition at the Tewantin Bendigo Bank last spring, Noosa artist Pam Taylor is back this week at Bendigo Bank’s Cooroy art space with a still life series she calls It’s still – a still life.

The title is a nod to her artistic beginnings many years ago when she first made a mark as a commercial artist doing still lifes.

The new work once again has evolved from Pam’s memories, this time with a collection of my favourite thing” she has put together over time.

Most of the vessels in the paintings were built by Pam in clay, using underglaze colours prior to Raku firing. Other clay vessels were handmade by fellow artist friends, or are objects she has collected.

She organises the various vessels, collecting native leaves, gum nuts and blossoms during local walks, and then sets up a still life showing shadows, then photographs an image as a subject to paint.

Artworks in bold, bright colours are a trademark of Pam’s, denoting happiness, but with some of these pieces, she says a pastel approach has become calming.

Her ideas for painting usually come from memories of home, surroundings or travel with still life, urban and rural landscapes in contemporary/abstract styles.

Pam participates in solo and group exhibitions in the Noosa region, and until recently was tutoring acrylic techniques art classes, but has now decided to concentrate on her own art practice.

“I’m also involved in this year’s Noosa Open Studios event starting on 1 October, sharing with another artist at Castaways Beach. The event has grown so much since it started seven years ago, with over 100 studios/galleries and 117 artists in the Noosa and Hinterland region,” she said.

The Cooroy Bendigo Bank exhibition was hung last Monday and will be available for viewing until 19 August.