Pomona artist stays in the moment

Artist Gayle Sallaway's piece named Street Lights.

In the Moment is the title of an exhibition by Pomona artist, Gayle Sallaway, opening at the Pomona Railway Station Gallery on Saturday 3 February.

Gayle is a self-taught water-colourist who started painting in her teens.

“Life happened in between,” she said, until she started painting again a few years ago.

“When I’m painting, I’m in the moment,” Gayle said.

“A painting is a moment in time, although that moment may extend over several hours, or more.”

Most recently she has exhibited (and was a prize winner) at the Noosa Show and the Tall Trees Art Exhibition in Cooran last year.

She is inspired by nature and how watercolour moves, flows, and coalesces.

Gayle’s exhibition will be opened by The Gallery’s president, Ron Collins, at 11am on Saturday 3 February.

It will continue in The Gallery’s Carriage Room until Wednesday 28 February.

The volunteer-run Pomona Railway Station Gallery is at 10 Station St, Pomona. Opening hours are 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday; 10am to 2pm Saturday and Sunday.