The expanding ripple effect

Ripple Psychology in Noosa not only offers seven psychologists, but is open seven days.

A local psychology clinic has recently completed a recruitment drive to become the largest clinic offering general psychology to the Noosa community.

Ripple Psychology not only offers seven psychologists, but is open seven days, with after hours appointments at weekends, and on some evenings and early mornings.

In addition to standard psychology for individual adults and children, which comprise the most common requests for service, Ripple Psychology offers many specialisations.

These include couples’ and family therapy provided by one of the principal psychologists, Dave Clarke.

His wife and practice partner, Melita Inglis, offers trauma work and EMDR (a particular treatment approach for trauma), as do Amy and Lisa.

Other particular specialisations offered at the clinic include perinatal psychology, child psychology, parenting, art therapy, and queer health.

All seven psychologists offer services funded through NDIS and WorkCover.

It is widely accepted that recent events such as floods and fires, as well as the prolonged Covid pandemic, have seen wait times for support services blow out to several months.

The recent Productivity Commission Mental Health Inquiry estimates the cost to Australia of mental ill-health and suicide is around $200 billion per year, or around 10 per cent of gross national product.

In local terms, mental health impacts cost the Noosa shire around half a million dollars each and every year, and this figure is growing as wait times for services extend, and the mental health of people on those wait lists deteriorates.

Principal psychologist Melita Inglis reminds us that although people are getting better at reaching out for mental health support, their issues have often become quite critical by the time they pick up the phone.

“So when the caller is told that the next available appointment is over a month away, people experience despondency or panic, or just give up,“ he said.

“We are very excited to be able to say that, from May this year, we usually will be able to book that person a confirmed appointment in that same week.

“It may be slightly longer if the person requests a particular psychologist or treatment approach, but even then we will generally be booking a firm first appointment rather than adding a person to an indefinite wait list.”

Dave is also excited to introduce the three new team members, all relocating, coincidentally, to Noosa from Melbourne.

“Caren provides mediation as well as couple and family work,” he said.

“Aleksandra works extensively with children and teenagers, as well as their parents, and is providing a lot of NDIS support.

“Aaron is working weekends with adults as well as children, has a particular interest in eating disorders, and is also offering NDIS services.”

Amy and Lisa continue to offer trauma services and EMDR (which is offered by only a few psychologists on the Sunshine Coast).

Amy is also expanding her perinatal psychology services, with pregnant mothers and new mums actively seeking her services.

Read more about the seven psychologists and what they offer on the website or call the Intake Officers May and Maxine on 5302 7776 to book in with the psychologist of your choice.