Ecovia’s game plan to protect locals from Covid

Yuko Oshima, proprietor Monster Sushi, Noosaville review best disinfectant practices with Manager, Ecovia, Rowland McKindlay.

 COVID-19 has caught many on the backfoot, but it’s a scenario Ecovia prepared for long in advance. Now they’re here to protect residents and businesses in Australia when they’re needed most.

Market leaders in commercial cleaning with an array of government and corporate contracts, this Sunshine Coast firm routinely risk-assess dozens of potential scenarios, infectious outbreaks being one of them.

Now that reality is upon us, for Ecovia it’s a case of carrying out their gameplan to keep locals safe. And they’re packing some serious firepower in the fight against coronavirus.

Serving SE Queensland, Ecovia offers a range of disinfection services for homes, offices and commercial sites that wipe out viral pathogens on impact. And they can achieve this without using toxic chemicals.

Powerful Disinfection Services

● For residents or businesses worried about infection, Ecovia sanitizes key areas in homes and work areas using licensed, professional-grade disinfectant made from non-toxic, plant-based substances.

● To help businesses and government departments protect staff, Ecovia’s fogging service completely eliminates pathogens from environments. It has the potential to save lives and stop infection spreading, helping key businesses stay open and avoid potential liability.

● After disinfection, Ecovia provides certification for businesses to display, assuring staff and customers they’ve taken necessary precautions. They can also train staff on safety procedures and setup up a maintenance program to follow between regular disinfection visits.

● Ecovia has also rolled out new measures in the fight against coronavirus, introducing a consultation service for commercial property disinfection. Following a site inspection, they’ll devise a tailor-made COVID-19 disinfection program containing work instructions, material safety sheets, safe work method statements (SWMS), risk analysis, site entry procedures and screening, site disinfection time/day notices, as well as all equipment and cleaning products.

Trusted, Robust Protection

Ecovia’s founders Rowland and Rieko McKindlay know the risks COVID-19 poses, which is why Rowland urges locals to follow the guidance of trusted professionals:

“Ecovia’s priority has always been to keep our local community healthy here in the Sunny Coast. Whether it’s businesses or residents, the people we’re protecting are all of our families, friends, colleagues and neighbours. We’ve scaled up our services to meet demand, and are well-equipped to deal with every scenario. It’s why governments and corporations continue to put their trust in us, and why residents can feel just as assured in our capabilities. We’re here to keep you safe.”

Due to the speed at which the situation is changing on the ground, Rieko McKindlay also stresses the importance of the community taking the necessary steps without delay:

“Businesses and residents are understandably concerned, and that’s why we urge them to be proactive in getting the needed protection to assuage their fears. We’re mobilised and ready to help, a phone call is all that’s needed for us to take action and safeguard staff, customers and local families.”

As COVID-19 continues to spread, ensuring homes and businesses remain safe environments is paramount. Ecovia recommends that any company or individual with concerns contact them immediately for a free consultation on how to get the protection they need.