Turning back the hands of time on your skin: A look at Morpheus8

Aimee Browne, Registered Nurse and owner of popular Noosaville cosmetic clinic, ‘Aesthetic Nurse Aimee’.

A favourite in Hollywood, the non-surgical treatment is now available in Noosa at leading aesthetic clinic, Aesthetic Nurse Aimee.

There is a new kid on the block, changing the game in the world of anti-ageing and aesthetic treatments. Aimee Browne, registered nurse and owner of popular Noosaville cosmetic clinic, ‘Aesthetic Nurse Aimee’ has been helping her clients achieve their aesthetic goals for the past five years.

Aimee’s passion to provide the most effective treatments to help her clients feel their very best self has led her to the world renowned Morpheus8 technology.

Morpheus8 provides a complete face and body dermal resurfacing, tightening, and remodelling.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that has gained popularity in the field of dermatology and plastic surgery for its ability to improve skin tone and texture.

The cutting-edge technology nicknamed the ’non-surgical facelift’, uses fractional radio frequency, including micro-needling at the deepest layer possible on the face and body.

“We’re so excited to be a part of an exclusive, and limited network of clinics in Queensland that can offer this exciting new technology.

Morpheus8 is an absolute game changer and gives us the ability to address a broader range of aesthetic concerns such as scarring, stubborn fat, wrinkles, uneven skin texture and loss of skin elasticity,” Aimee said.

The team at Aesthetic Nurse Aimee welcome you to a Morpheus8 VIP launch event on Tuesday 20 February, 2024 where you can learn all about Morpheus8, access exclusive package discounts, witness a live demonstration and chat to the team directly.

Aesthetic Nurse Aimee is located within the Noosaville Medical and Professional Centre at 90 Goodchap Street, Noosaville. Find them on Facebook and Instagram or book online at aestheticnurseaimee.com.au