Natter with Nicola

Nicola’s background in finance and strategy confirms she’s intellectually equipped for the role of a councillor.

Nicola Wilson’s background in finance and strategy confirms she’s intellectually equipped for the role of a councillor – she’s used to poring through lengthy documents, summarising analysis, challenging viewpoints, working to tight deadlines, and weighing up various courses of action to give advice.

She always enjoys being able to achieve the best outcomes for her clients:

“Clients often specifically requested me because they could trust me and I would always give them a straight answer.”

While she is serious and considered, there’s a softer and humorous side to the Chartered Accountant that draws people to her.

She also loves to make people smile and laugh and is a natural entertainer, with a love of singing and musical theatre.

A challenging career takes its toll, and Nicola overcame a number of health challenges, including two spinal surgeries, before making the move to Noosa five years ago.

Until recently, she’s been working in tertiary education, teaching accounting and financial modelling online.

She is looking forward to being out and about, more in Noosa in the coming weeks, and her calendar (available on her website) is filling up fast.

“Working remotely so long has been isolating – I go for days working away in my home office and not talking to anyone, or only to a camera,“ Nicola said.

“It’s not the best way to feel part of a community. I’m a people person and love to have a chat and feel human connection. I like to listen, and help people solve problems. I’m interested in hearing people’s hopes for the future, and I’m learning more about this beautiful area and the issues people care about. There are a few hot topics, such as short term accommodation, and I’m writing about these in my website blog. I’m really looking forward to hearing the various viewpoints right across the shire.”

Nicola will be available at stalls in our local parks, as well as “Natter with Nicola” sessions at various cafes. You can book in an appointment, invite her to an event, or just turn up when she is in your area. Just look for the big smile!