Meet the best physio team in Noosa

The Noosa Sports and Spinal Physio team delivers exceptional service with experience.

Noosa Sports and Spinal Physio is the longest standing physiotherapy practice, dating back over 30 years, and is recognised as a practice that delivers exceptional service with experience.

Noosa Sports and Spinal’s mantra is exceptional quality care based on post graduate, evidence-based qualifications, personal service, and patient education.This team has the credentials, local connections, and the best physio experience in Noosa.

Peter Hogg, Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist has been involved with the development of clinical service since 1988 and his experience includes selection at six Olympic Games for the Australian team – most of which are Winter Olympics related (2000 to 2018). He knows sports injuries, knee conditions and shoulder conditions. Maude Pelletier is also a practice principal and has been a valued physio at the practice for over 10 years and drives the orthopaedic joint replacement physiotherapy and hydrotherapy service. Maude has a close connection and referral from many of Noosa’s top specialists, as does this team.

The practice welcomes back physiotherapist Anthony Williams, who holds post graduate qualifications in sports and musculoskeletal. Anthony worked at the practice six years ago and has been travelling as a service provider for Cirque de Soleil and other elite sports teams including Sevens Rugby, Sydney Roosters, Triathlon World Cup, Pan-Pacific Masters, Balmain Rugby, and Australian Commonwealth Games for weightlifting and Olympic skiing. He has worked at Olympic Park Sports Med in Melbourne and Stadium Physio in Sydney.

“We are so excited to have him back as a valued member of the team with special interests in sports injuries and exercise prescription,“ Peter Hogg said.

Other team members include Helen Swift who has special interests in women’s health, Leighton Marshall who supports our knee osteoarthritis and orthopaedic service and Johanna Wesche who is interested in strength and conditioning rehab and clinical Pilates.

To support the team, there are two remedial massage therapists, Michelle and Felicity Broadbent.

Find Noosa Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Centre at Suite 202, 90 Goodchap Street, Noosaville. For more information visit or call 07 5449 0024.



Peter Hogg: Titled APA Sports Physiotherapist – Knees & Shoulders

Maude Pelletier: Physiotherapist – Orthopaedics & Hydrotherapy

Anthony Williams: Sports Physiotherapist – Sports injuries & Exercise

Leighton Marshall: Physiotherapist – Orthopaedic Rehabilitation & Manual Therapy

Helen Swift: Physiotherapist – Women’s Health & Clinical Pilates

Johanna Wesche: Physiotherapist – Rehab & Clinical Pilates

Remedial Massage Therapists:

Michelle and Felicity Broadbent


All private practice physiotherapy services including bracing, sports, rehab, DVA, Workcover, motor vehicle