John Morrall: A visionary leader for Noosa’s future

John Morrall with his grandkids and dog enjoying the natural environment.

John Morrall, with his visionary approach, promises to bring a fresh perspective to the leadership of Noosa Council.

Whether it’s protecting the environment, reconnecting the community from coast to hinterland, fueling business growth or promoting sports and community involvement, John’s wealth of experience stand behind his commitment for change.

1. Commitment to Noosa’s natural environment:

John is committed to striking a balance between growth and conservation, while protecting our natural assets. His vision includes promoting eco-friendly initiatives to ensure that Noosa remains a haven for both residents and nature enthusiasts. The river, in particular, is the vein that connects the ocean to the hinterland and must be protected by fostering effective relationships between State government and local stakeholders. He also recognises the community desire to review the Shire’s waste management processes and procedures and is in favour of the reinstatement of kerb side collection (hard rubbish).

2. Reconnecting Noosa Shire from the Water to the Hinterland:

John recognises the need to listen to concerns from all residents and ratepayers across our Shire. He envisions a Noosa where every member of the community feels connected, regardless of their location. He recognises the specific issues facing our hinterland communities and is committed to addressing these issues with a common sense approach. By fostering a sense of unity and shared identity, John aims to revitalise the community spirit that has been integral to Noosa’s charm.

3. Fuelling Business Growth: A Sustainable Approach for Economic Prosperity

Understanding the importance of a thriving local economy, John emphasises a balanced and sustainable approach to business growth. With his business experience and skill, he will support local entrepreneurs and business owners and promote innovation. John aims to create a business-friendly environment that not only generates economic prosperity but also aligns with Noosa’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

4. Sport, Music and Community Involvement

John recognises the importance of sporting, music and cultural events in our Shire, particularly for our young people. He has the connections to build a stronger music presence which will bring people together. He supports the integral role of sports and community involvement in fostering a healthy and vibrant society. He pledges to support sports facilities, recreational spaces, and community programs that encourage physical activity and social engagement. By promoting a culture of inclusivity and participation, John aims to enhance the overall well-being of our community.

John’s comprehensive vision for Noosa encompasses not only the protection of the environment but also a commitment to community, sustainable business growth, and active and engaging lifestyles. His approach reflects a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing our Shire. As the mayoral election approaches, voters have the opportunity to choose a leader with a fresh and forward-thinking vision for Noosa’s future.