ONERO – A Life changing Osteoporosis intervention in Noosaville


Osteoporosis is a condition that often remains undetected until the person develops a fracture. It’s scary, but our bones start becoming weaker in our 40’s and then bone loss accelerates from our 60’s, particularly for females after menopause.

Osteoporosis will affect two in every three women and one in six men over the age of 60. To confront this condition – a life limiting weakening of bones – there are two options: medication and exercise. Not only is exercise more effective that drugs, exercise does not have the negative side effects.

ONERO is the award winning evidence-based exercise program for treating osteoporosis. It involves a twice weekly group exercise class that has been specifically designed to increase bone density. The additional benefits from ONERO exercise classes include: increased strength, muscle mass, better posture and decreased knee/back joint pain.

The ONERO program has been developed from years of research from Griffith University and clinical trials at the Bone Clinic in Brisbane. It is now available for the first time in Noosaville, being delivered by Dr Sven Rees at Exercise Matters Clinic located at 1/32 Rene St. ONERO may be the panacea you’ve been looking for. Try it today by calling 0402 444 543 or visit