Meet Matt Golinski at the EV Expo

Matt Golinski.

With the addition of new exhibitors in the electrify everything space, this year’s Expo is not just for the E-motor enthusiast.

For the cooking devotee, the team at ZEN is delighted to announce that our very own local celebrity chef Matt Golinski will demonstrate one of Hasting Street’s most renowned, simple and elegant dishes using induction cooktops.

During the demonstration you will learn the pros and cons of induction cooking including the cost benefits of combining induction cooking with solar.

Matt – a recent inductee into the list of Noosa Shire residents choosing to take control of their own resources – states plainly, “Throughout my 34 years of professional cooking I have been resistant to cooking using induction.”

“Now having installed an 8.7 kW solar system and battery at home and being able to produce my own power, I finally decided to rip out my old gas kitchen and replace it entirely with induction and electric appliances.“

So it’s no surprise that Matt is excited to be part of this year’s Expo to help other residents to understand the benefits of induction cooking. Matt is also keen to see what else is on offer at the Expo – not just on induction cooktops and electric ovens but across all energy saving innovations.

Matt will run three sessions on Sunday 16 June at the Noosa Culinary Academy starting at 9.15am.

Each is limited to 20 attendees, so be sure to pre-register at for this free opportunity to access the best Noosa culinary expertise and take home some new skills to impress.