Harringtons’ new Noosa store

Buyers and sellers know Harringtons Bullion offers the best value and reliable advice.

Historic brand, Harringtons, is providing access to bullion and limited mintage coins for investors in Noosa with the highest quality, certified assay, precious metal needs.

Buyers and sellers know Harringtons Bullion offers the best value and reliable advice for all levels of investors or those seeking liquidity of their valuable assets.

Collectors are thrilled with the first Harringtons Bullion store in Noosa and love the diverse range of prestige investing options. From entry level to sophisticated investors, Harringtons Bullion has the range to start or grow your portfolio and great for those shopping for that special gift.

Managing director, Christian Gabriel, said he was incredibly excited and humbled to be breathing new life into this renowned and respected Australian owned brand.

Harringtons Bullion was revived in 2020 thanks to a Sydney based precious metals investor, and in May 2023 Christian Gabriel acquired the brand after many years of research and passionately collecting all things Harringtons.

Christian’s vision, to restore the business to its former glory and focusing on delivering high quality Australian made bullion products, is now a reality.

Showcasing the first of its kind in Australia, Harringtons Bullion Museum, built on Christian’s expert knowledge, is where vintage and antique pieces from the Harringtons 118-year proud history, along with other historical bullion brands are on display.

“We offer state of the art X-Ray equipment, to test and verify the quality of every item,” Christian said.

“This ensures peace of mind for our clients. Our obligation free, valuation service, guarantees the accuracy on jewellery and precious metals, such as bullion bars and coins, so clients secure dependable prices.”

There has never been a better time to sell your gold or silver items with prices at record highs.

Knowing Harringtons Bullion can assist you with your financial needs, selling bullion on the Sunshine Coast has never been safer.

“We fell in love with Noosa, the community and the stunning location. We proudly provide reliable advice, security and support with the best prices along the Sunshine Coast, enabling us to support the local community with their investment concerns.”

If you are just starting out as an investor or looking to build a portfolio for the grandkids, then Harringtons Bullion is the place to start. Sophisticated investors know diversification is key and bullion provides a great level of tangible liquidity to a portfolio, with secure growth. Harringtons Bullion helps build secure financial futures with their knowledge and your informed decision.

“Our highly sought after, collectable range of products, are 100 per cent Australian sourced, refined and manufactured. “We want to ensure our brand maintains its longtime Australian heritage and continues to support local.”

Other benefits with Harringtons Bullion, is shoppers can secure great savings with a wide range of buy back items on display and choose from the great apparel. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable and secure service to buy or sell your bullion items, then Harringtons Bullion is here for you.

Harringtons Bullion is nestled in the heart of The Pavilion shopping centre on Sunshine Beach Road, providing accessibility and free parking, making the convenience of your shopping experience a delight.

“We look forward to meeting you and assisting with your bullion needs at Shop 5/19 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Heads.”

Call 1300 427 866 or visit our website at: harringtons.au