Putting ’A Slimmer U’ to the test


There’s a boutique clinic in Noosa that is booming in popularity, offering the latest pain-free, safe and effective treatments in Non-Surgical Face Lifting, Fat Reduction and Body Contouring.

Noosa Today staff member Simone Bell had the opportunity to test one of these exciting treatments out and here’s what she had to say about her experience.

“When Vaughn asked me to have a look at A Slimmer U website, and decide on a treatment it was a difficult decision with so many on offer,“ Simone said.

“Sculpting, Fat-freezing, Non surgical facelifts always felt like I needed a big budget to even consider, so I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable these treatments were. Not only that, the before and after photos were quite mind blowing too.

“Loads has been blamed on Covid this year, but I can’t completely blame it for my Love handles. I think it has more to do with age (48) and over indulging for way too long (chocolate) so I decided Fat Freezing those Love handles is what I needed most.

“I walked into A Slimmer U feeling a little nervous. It’s generally quite confronting to have someone up close and personal measuring your additional rolls that you wish weren’t there. Luckily for me, I met Annie straight away who immediately put me at ease. Annie and Vaughn explained exactly how the treatment worked, and showed me some before and after photos of people of all ages and sizes. Being painless is just an added bonus.

“The machines used at A Slimmer U are of the highest technology available. Propped up on the bed, Annie put a gel coated sheet mask over my lower stomach. This protects your skin from the freezing treatment. A rectangle paddle was placed on either side of my lower stomach area and the machine turned on. It was a weird sensation of suctioning on to your stomach. I laid back for 45 minutes while the machine did its work. I’m told that Cryolipolysis targets the fat cells in your body, which are unable to withstand the cold. The damage to the fat cells from the treatment then triggers the body to remove these cells and after freezing, these are removed through the lymphatic system over six-12 weeks. “When you lose weight normally, the fat cells reduce in volume, but still hang around. Fat Freezing actually eliminates the fat cells, therefore gives a long lasting result.

“I was amazed to hear that you actually notice a difference after one session. Each session gives you 20-40 per cent permanent fat reduction each session. They would normally recommend two-four sessions around four weeks apart. “And the best part is, you can have it done wherever those stubborn little pockets of fat lie.

“The last five minutes of the treatment was a little more uncomfortable, but definitely not painful. Once the paddles came off, Annie used a 3D shockwave to shock those fat cells away. I was expecting some pain, but it was more like a massage punch machine and didn’t hurt at all.

“My stomach actually felt cold for an hour or so, and when I got home I lifted my dress to show my daughter my fat freezing ’war wounds’. But there was nothing there – not even a red mark from the paddles. In less than an hour, I had a treatment to freeze away those extra pockets, with no pain and no downtime. They say the best results are within 6-8 weeks, I could feel the tightening even after a few days.

“This little clinic in Noosa Junction is definitely your go to for non surgical treatments. Both Vaughn and Annie, are super welcoming, and will help you understand the process of your treatment.

“Warning – you will want more! A non-surgical facelift is next on my list!“

To book a treatment visit www.aslimmeru.com or call 0491613154.