Studio Pilates brings the heat to Noosa

Studio Pilates Noosa owners Laz and Timea Pocze.

By Abbey Cannan

The new fitness obsession in town is changing mindsets and bodies of all ages and abilities, with their high-energy and uplifting workouts.

Studio Pilates Noosa owners Laz and Timea Pocze said the hype is well-deserved, as they also fell in love with pilates about 15 years ago.

“Back home in Hungary, I was going to a gym where Timea was a pilates instructor, and she was studying law at the time,“ Laz said.

“I saw a gorgeous woman and I wanted to know more about pilates. She invited me for a class and she almost killed me doing that class.

“After that, I fell in love with pilates and my wife too.“

Studio Pilates set themselves apart with innovative video technology that allows the instructors to focus on perfecting your technique.

The science of sequencing plus ever-changing workouts keep your body guessing and give you the results you want.

“I am studying physiotherapy as well, so our team also focuses on technical corrections from a clinical aspect,“ Laz said.

“I truly believe pilates is the best workout if you’re looking for a lean, toned body.

“It’s also very good for your posture and core strength, as well as being easy on your joints, so we are able to work with so many conditions. The workout programs are planned by physiotherapist, so it has a great focus on safety while making sure you get a dynamic workout in.“

Since taking over Studio Pilates Noosa in January 2022, the couple have immersed themselves in the community.

“Noosa is a magical place and we’ve met so many amazing people in the community,“ Laz said.

Get started with Studio Pilates Noosa’s new client special of six classes for $60.

For more information visit Studio Pilates Noosa at Shop 3, 24 Lanyana Way, Noosa, head online to or call 0413 927 880.