Six reasons you need a travel advisor now more than ever

The advisors at Noosa Cruise and Travel are ready and available to get travelers on their way. 

Shifting travel restrictions and complex protocols have reaffirmed the value of trusted, professional travel advice, with many hopeful travelers wisely choosing to collaborate with a travel advisor – some for the first time. 

According to a recent Virtuoso poll, 37 per cent of consumers said 2021 was the first year they booked a trip with a travel advisor. And people who work with advisors, such as the staff at Noosa Cruise and Travel, a member of leading global luxury travel agency network Virtuoso, say trips planned with the guidance of an advisor are more meaningful, more memorable and, most importantly, less stressful than those organised without them. 

Here are six reasons why travelers need an advisor more than ever before:

1. Peace of mind: In addition to saving time and money, travel advisors are accessible to assist before, during, and after the trip, providing their clients with a higher degree of confidence. Booking with a Virtuoso advisor means having support while traveling, as they work tirelessly to advocate for their clients and assist with any last-minute emergencies. And the discovery process isn’t limited to the trip – Virtuoso advisors are also available after the trip for that ever-important conversation around how to improve the travel experience so that each journey is better than the last. 

2. Global expertise and connections: Not only do Virtuoso advisors have extensive personal knowledge of destinations and products around the world, but they also have relationships with more than 2,200 travel providers that can help arrange experiences to make a trip truly extraordinary. This access to a wider global network also helps advisors navigate destination entry rules and policies for their clients in real time. 

3. Value: A Virtuoso advisor has access to the same (and often better) pricing than found online. They can secure special perks like complimentary room upgrades, daily breakfast, and other benefits travelers can’t get on their own. The Virtuoso amenities on a hotel stay alone are valued at more than $500 per stay at over 1,400 properties worldwide. 

4. Convenience: Planning and booking a trip is complicated during the best of times, and a global pandemic only compounds the uncertainty and research time. In addition, it’s difficult to decipher what is the most recent and current information. Travel advisors provide the kind of dedicated service that lets travelers know they are making the best possible choices for them, while also helping clients conserve their most precious resource: time.

5. A Specialist in YOU: Whether travelers are the independent type in search of validation or the type who prefers someone else to take the reins, collaborating with a travel advisor means trips will be tailored to personal interests and budget. An advisor gets to know their clients’ preferences and instinctively anticipates needs and wishes down to the smallest detail, a process that continues to refine with every trip planned together.

6. VIP treatment: A Virtuoso travel advisor has access to experiences that most people never even dreamed were possible. After all, you can’t VIP yourself, but a travel advisor can by securing exclusive entry to events, private tours and more. That exclusive access means knowing how to separate from the crowd.

“People who are overwhelmed by the complexity of traveling amid a pandemic can mitigate uncertainty by working with a travel professional,” Noosa Cruise and Travel owner Natalie Cherry said.

“Once they place their trust in one of our travel advisors, they wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. Through our Virtuoso membership, our advisors have relationships with the world’s leading hotels, resorts, spas, cruise lines, airlines, tour operators, destination experts, and specialty companies known mainly to insiders. That’s how our clients can book with confidence and travel better, knowing they will enjoy the finest experiences at the best value.” 

The many benefits of working with a travel advisor continue to command a high level of interest, as travelers look to advisors to help them navigate complicated situations while also venturing out into the world in a more sustainable manner. A recent Virtuoso poll found that 82 per cent of travelers want to travel more responsibly as a result of the pandemic. 

Whether it’s planning a Wanderlist trip of a lifetime or simply reconnecting with loved ones after long separations, the advisors at Noosa Cruise and Travel are ready and available to get travelers on their way. For more details, contact Natalie Cherry at Noosa Cruise and Travel.