Architecturally designed car wash opens in Noosaville

Owner Rod Ayache was excited to open his new car wash in Noosaville.

By Abbey Cannan

An architecturally designed car wash has opened in Noosaville with handy extras including an underbody wash, a twin dog wash, vacuums, and an ice and water machine.

The car wash at 188 Eumundi-Noosa Road, Noosaville includes three manual bays and an automatic bay which has a range of options including soft cloth and touch free.

Owner Rod Ayache said the car wash included an underbody wash, perfect for after a beach trip, on both the automatic bay and one self-serve bay.

“Technology has changed in the auto-wash industry since the 1980’s, when auto friction used hard plastic whipper snipper style brushes that caused scratches on vehicles,“ he said.

“We know a lot of people still relate this old wash material to auto washes today. The material has drastically improved to a soft cloth non-porous closed cell material which does not retain dirt or grime. This soft cloth material is incredibly gentle on the car and is guaranteed 100 per cent scratch free. This technology now means it’s completely safe to wash in our auto-washer.

“Leading car manufacturers around the world use this same system, so it’s highly likely your vehicle has already been through a soft cloth wash before you even purchased it.“

Rod said hand car washing has now proven to scratch paintwork due to the sponges retaining dirt and grime and acting like sandpaper on your vehicle.

“Soft cloth auto washing is replacing hand car washes all over the world and have now become the preferred and most trusted way to wash your vehicle. Our soft cloth auto wash is a world class car wash system like you have never experienced before, leaving your car sparkling clean.“

Rod said they were open seven days a week, with the automatic bay running with an attendant on site from 6am to 9pm, and the three self-serve bays open 24 hours a day.

The auto-wash prices range from the ’Ultimate Spa Wash’ at $25 to a ’Tradie Spa’ for just $16.