Take on the Coastrek adventure challenge


By Di Westaway - Chief Adventure Chick and Founder of Coastrek

We all know there is a compelling list of reasons to exercise, from increasing longevity to improving mental health, lowering risk of chronic illness to maintaining healthy bones and muscles. Yet we often still struggle to make it our priority, especially as working mums with a never-ending to-do list.

Coastrek is a 30km team trekking challenge for fun, fitness, friends and philanthropy.

Di Westaway, Founder and Chief Adventure Chick, has inspired over 30,000 people to get off the couch and into hiking. She’s sharing some tips to help prioritise getting active outside, especially for working mums.

#1: You need to find out WHY you want to fit fitness into your life.

If you’re struggling to prioritise fitness into your busy schedule, it’s really important to work out your why, because that is a powerful motivator, and something to come back to whenever you’re struggling to fit exercise in between the deluge of daily tasks.

#2: Find a friend

Working out on your own is boring. Working out with friends is super fun! And it motivates you to exercise even when life threatens to get in the way. You might cancel on yourself, but most of us won’t cancel on a friend.

#3 Get a goal… A big fat one!

Having a goal makes motivation so much easier. It doesn’t need to be too big, but it needs to feel just out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s running 5km, walking the 30km or 60km Coastrek, or hiking to Everest Base Camp, it needs to be slightly scary but also feel achievable – with a bit of training.

#4 Lend a helping hand

Some people feel a bit guilty when they skip a workout. In my experience, working mums feel the opposite – they feel guilty when they do workout!

One of our Coastrek ambassadors, former Olympic swimmer Susie O’Neill, commented on how much she loved Coastrek because the fundraising element alleviated the guilt she felt for leaving her kids to go have a beautiful walk with her friends.

Coastrek has the immense power of bringing people together, lifting mood and healing hearts. It isn’t just about fitness; it’s about friends. And it isn’t all about health; it’s about hope. So grab your girl squad or someone who needs a little extra love, get in your activewear and do something with a powerful purpose – to make the world happier, healthier and more connected.

Join us on July 26 and explore the magic of the Sunshine Coast and complete this incredible adventure challenge with your friends whilst changing lives by supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.


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