Negative pressure rooms keep patients safe


By Abbey Cannan

Due to the risk of airborne viruses such as Covid-19, a Noosa dentist has recently invested in negative pressure rooms to keep their patients safe.

Townsend Family Dental Care principal dentist and owner Dr Richard Townsend said they endeavoured to keep up to date with the latest dental technology and hygiene for the benefit of patients.

“Dental procedures involving drills and scalers produce aerosols containing the patient’s saliva, these aerosols can stay in the air for up to four hours,” he said.

“Negative pressure rooms provide strong ceiling ventilation/suction to change the air in the room up to 30 times an hour resulting in a much safer environment for our patients and dental team, extracting all residual aerosol.

“Combined with stringent PPE and cleaning protocols we can provide you with the safest environment to maintain your dental health in these stressful times.”

During Dental Health Week in August, Dr Townsend said there were some important steps to take in preventing gum disease.

“Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen enamel, for at least two minutes each time,” he said.

“Choosing a low sugar diet and rinsing your mouth with water after eating sugary foods always helps.

“Flossing once a day to clean the sides of your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach.

“Using a smaller toothbrush head, making it easier to brush those hard to reach places.”

Other oral health tips included replacing your toothbrush every three months and cleaning your tongue to prevent plaque build-up.

“We have a wonderful team at Townsend Family Dental including our friendly reception, nurses and dentists, Dr Hamish Caithness, Dr Andrew Tran, Dr Sarah Higham (our sedation dentist) and Vivienne Cunningham (our therapist/hygienist),” Dr Townsend said.

“To receive excellence in dental care for all, reserve your appointment on 54498619.”