Surfie back in action

Pottsy and Jane.

Last week some of our unemployed people joined the list of those now back at work. These were the staff members of the Noosa Surf Club.

Located at Noosa’s Main Beach, this popular club with great ocean views, good food and bar facilities was definitely on the welcome back list.

With the majority of staff back now re-employed this will no doubt greatly relieve the financial burden for some of our families.

As with the supporters’ club at Sunshine Beach, everything was strictly controlled and run according to regulations.

“We have a big floor space,” said club manager Anton Mogg. “We have our veranda plus the inside section and this enables us to have a total of seven areas each of 20 members: all correctly supervised from our door temperature check to being seating. We find that our customers are very happy with the regulations and many have remarked its good because they don’t want to see a relapse.”

It is good to see that the drinking laws of table service only, have the full cooperation of our people. With the close observations of restrictions any changes in regulations will be quickly adheared to and the public will be fully informed.


This week we lost a popular and highly regarded member of our community Geoff Potter, who passed away after a long illness.

Commonly known as Pottsy, he was a life member of the Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club and an old boy of Noosa. But I feel as do many others, that his big contribution was his work as a photographer: his work in covering the social scenes and others was well featured.

However, there are many who would say that his best work occurred when he photographed the ever-changing colours in the sky line that occurred after a volcanic explosion in the New Guinea region.

Such was the ever changing beauty of nature (bought about by the volcanic lava in the atmosphere) that on these evenings the public bar at the Reef Hotel was empty: all the drinkers were outside sitting in the gutter and on the footpath to watch in absolute amazement as natures game gave us a variety of gold, black, blue, white and orange clouds drifting throughout the heavens.

Pottsy was there behind , on the footpath, on the road sitting in the gutter talking with us as we struggled to work out exactly what was the cause of this beautiful freakish phenomenon.

It was not until later that a letter,(written by a professor) appeared in the Courier Mail explaining the cause, that Pottsy was able to tell the story behind his incredible photos.

For those of us who had the opportunity to see some of these unforgettable shots the work of Geoff Potter will for ever live in our memory.

Vaya con Dios, my little friend, Vaya con Dios.


The problem regarding to net or not to net at our beaches is still under discussion: by politicians and protesters no doubt.

Why should ratepayers who live at beach resorts and swim be concerned?

Simple. The bottom line is this. The nets are to help reduce the shark incidents, thus helping protect our people; be they locals or tourists.

When the nets were laid in the Noosa area did they reduce the shark problems? The answer is a big YES.

What was the percentage reduction? An 85-90%. It is very much doubted that those involved in that era and seen the massive change after the laying of the nets, will ever be asked for an opinion.

What concerns us most ; life of the porpoise or life of our people?

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