Teaming up talents across the border

Year five girls from Good Shepherd Lutheran College.

A group of inspiring, young change agents teamed up with STEM leader Jacqueline Tate to explore the world of entrepreneurialism.

Last week, 30 year five girls from Good Shepherd Lutheran College joined forces to design digital solutions for current problems in their community.

The girls created app flow diagrams and designs with student Lily Cracknell sharing “I loved the designing. I never knew about all of the little details needed when making apps”.

After a day of design, the young tech leaders pitched their business ideas to Jacqueline via video conferencing. By providing immediate personal feedback to each group Jacqueline was able to encourage their individual talents while also share some of her experiences in medical research and neuroscience.

Year 5 student, Madi Downing said, “I really enjoyed getting to know Jacqueline. She was great to talk to and I loved learning how to create a small business that could one day become big.“

In addition to Jacqueline’s live stream from regional Victoria, the girls were also supported by the College’s senior Tech Girls.

“We know the importance of immersing young girls in projects rich with science, technology, engineering and mathematics, however, research also highlights the importance of role models,“ Digital Technology and Tech Girl coach, Nicola Cumner said.

“By connecting our Year 8-11 Tech Girls with our younger students we create moments, conversations and friendships.

“These can be pivotal moments where young girls see the dream as a reality.“

With solutions varying from Famine X, an app designed to connect food and shelter to those in need, through to Struggle Free, targeted at community members experiencing emotional hardship or depression, these young entrepreneurs are sure to change our community for the better.