Chamber seminar for wellness

Michelle Bihary will conduct a mental wellness seminar for businesses.

Noosa Chamber will host a business wellness seminar run by expert in mental well-being in the workplace Michelle Bihary, thanks to a $5000 grant awarded by Business Chamber Queensland and the Queensland government.

Creating a thriving, high-performing and resilient workforce has never been more vital for organisational success. Small businesses have struggled to adapt to the new world we are facing as we ease out of the pandemic. Many business owners are challenged by managing their own stressors and pressures, both personally and professionally. This is further amplified by dealing with employees and customers who are more highly stressed than ever before and by dealing with the increased levels of mental health concerns, fear, aggression, trauma, entitlement, and self-absorption that has swamped our community.

What is needed and critical for business success is practical knowledge to help build thriving workplaces where business owners have the capacity to deal with the pressures of small business while taking care of their own wellbeing.

Michelle, a mental health occupational therapist and workplace resilience expert, is passionate about helping people understand how to enhance their mental wellbeing and creating mentally healthy and thriving workplaces. She teaches practical and easy to implement strategies that are informed by the latest advances in neuroscience, psychological and emotional intelligence research, unique insights and wisdom about people, behaviour and relationships. Michelle has over 30 years experience and has trained over 50,000 professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand to help build mentally healthy workplaces.

During the seminar, attendees will:

• Develop practical strategies to manage stress, optimise mental health and wellbeing. and manage emotional triggers.

• Learn ways to optimise performance, productivity and client interactions.

• Apply neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and a strength focus to build an optimistic and resilient mindset.

• Gain strategies for building a mentally healthy workplace.

• Understand how behaviours and interactions at work can be either healthy or unhealthy, and know the critical differences between a toxic environment and one that soars to peak performance.

This is a great opportunity for business owners and as well as their employees.

The seminar will be at 8.45 am-12pm on Thursday 26 October at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club.

Book now to reserve your place at the Noosa Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s website