Flying blind

Lorin Nicholson and wife Lisa take to the air.

Legally blind athlete and motivational speaker, Lorin Nicholson, does not hold back when it comes to facing his disability.

An adventure flight with Paradise Seaplanes on the Sunshine Coast on Australia Day was his latent venture.

When asked why a blind person would want to go on a scenic tour Lorin explained that ‘seeing’ something is a multi-sensory experience.

“Being blind, my other senses are naturally heightened,” he said. “I want to experience things with my family and just like anyone, there are many aspects to an experience that you remember and enjoy.”

“I have about 10 per cent peripheral vision and can picture what I think is happening and other senses like touch, hearing and smell make up the rest of the experience.”

Lorin shared the flight with his wife Lisa.

“I have been all over the world on jet planes, but this seaplane is a first for me.”

Pilot Shawn Kelly said their joy flights were no ordinary flight which is why they called them adventure flights.

“Our aircraft is the quietest piston engined aircraft in the world,” says Shawn of the Wilga 80 Seaplane, known affectionately as Willy.

Lorin experienced the aircraft’s “Doors Off” option.“It is kind of like skydiving sitting down,” Shawn said.

Paradise Seaplanes is very happy to cater to people with all-abilities where they are able, and can tailor an experience to be inclusive.