Easter endurance event a winner

Kelsey Irvine and Karma took out the 240km Easter at Stirlings marathon event in a time of 24:05:48. Photo: Sarah Sullivan. 277395_03

Erle Levey

Perfect conditions greeted more than 300 riders at the annual Easter at Stirlings Crossing endurance event.

It followed frantic efforts by the Stirlings Crossing Endurance Club members and HQ Plantations to get the courses ready after the recent flooding damaged so many of the tracks.

“Entries were good for the three days,’’ endurance club president Kim Moir said, “with options to suit everyone.’

“The events were marked by wonderful weather, good vetting, and riders looking after their horses which resulted in fantastic completion rates.

“Most of the tracks had been affected by the heavy rainfall which saw a lot of top soil and gravel washed away.

“The riders obviously managed it very well and were riding with care.’’

Riders applauded the way the course was set, given the restrictions.

They were appreciative of the way new sections were opened up to give a fresh feel to the rides.

The 240km marathon attracted 11 starters, 120km mini marathon 18 riders, and the 60km mini marathon, six.

The 80km events, held on three days, saw 119 riders, the 40km events on three days, 97, and the 20km on three days, 64.

A 10km ride saw three riders and the 5km event, five.

Kelsey Irvine was first across the line and overall winner of the 240km marathon, riding Karma.

Kelsey has been a consistent performer at Stirlings Crossing, having taken out the 100km event last year on Karma as well as winning the 2019 State Championship in the 160.0km ride at Bowen.

Karma, which took out best managed horse for this year’s marathon, was the last mare bred by Kelsey’s late grandfather Alwyn Torenbeek.

Torenbeek grew up in the Rockhampton area and became a bush legend as drover, horse whisperer, endurance rider, bronc rider and author.

Tracey Eastaughffe was second in the middleweight division, riding Moondarra Elton, while Pandora Bevan took out the lightweight division on My Fair Lady, from Alana Simpson riding Meea.

In the junior division Ellie-Rose Bowden, on Silver Centurion, and Georgie Barber, on Concerto, tied for first, with Joey Long, riding Maverick, third.

The next event at Stirlings Crossing will be the the Stirlings Classic on 14 May.

2022 Easter at Stirling’s ride results: AERA Marathon 240km elevator over six legs: Middleweight: 208 Kelsey Irvine, Karma, 1; 207 Tracey Eastaughffe, Moondarra Elton, 2.

Lightweight: 206 Pandora Bevan, My Fair Lady, 1; 212 Alana Simpson, Meea, 2.

Junior: 211 Ellie-Rose Bowden, Silver Centurion, 1; 210 Georgie Barber, Concerto, 1; 204 Joey Long, Maverick, 3.

120km mini marathon Friday: Anna Wyroslak, Bacchante Dakota, completed 10:12:44; Sue Vacher, Miva Zamil, 11:28:29; Rick Brown, Wattle Tree Flight, 11:43:33.

60km mini marathon Friday: Lexi Morton, Shakira BDA, completed 8:02:19; Georgia Morton, Arabec Laheeb, 8:03:16.

80km event Friday: Heavyweight: Grant Jocumsen, GJ Horsemanship Tango, 1; Mark Nimon, Abbeywood Le’Tigre, 2.

Middleweight: Matty Sample, Brookleigh Gandalf, 1; Akhmed Pshunov, Tonki Dee Boo Allure, 2.

Lightweight: Karen Winkel, Shardell Azeem, 1; Renee Kelso, PVE Remington, 2.

Junior: Mary Duncan, Bonnybrooke Samarai, 1; Tahlea Lochtenberg, Henley Farm Nadif, 2.

80km event Saturday: Heavyweight: Mark Nimon, La Belle Amour, 1; Greg Lyon, Chingford Just Dreaming, 2.

Middleweight: Virginia Barber, Burralga Athena, 1; Matty Sample, Brookleigh Sage, 2.

Lightweight: Vic Alran, Stirling’s Vada, 1; Renee Kelso, Trapeze, 2.

Junior: Jolie McDowall, Sunadbad, 1; Charlotte Irwin, Mub Her, 2.

80km event Sunday: Heavyweight: Olly Lochtenberg, Longrun Cassius, 1; Matthew Sample, Brookleigh Danu, 1.

Middleweight: 1Linda Lochtenberg, Matta Mia Dayimi, 1; Penny Toft, Larntainey Silver Treasure, 2.

Lightweight: Vic Alran, Stirling’s Hutcho, 1; Clare Fleming, Flemingo Bomsaway, 2.

Junior: Eadie McWilliam, Beaudacious te, 1; Talyn Nix, MacrocarpaRed Phloyd, 2.