Create change this National Pyjama Day

July 22 officially marks The Pyjama Foundation’s vital fundraiser, National Pyjama Day.

The Pyjama Foundation is calling on Australians to register to don their PJs and create change this National Pyjama Day.

July 22 officially marks The Pyjama Foundation’s vital fundraiser, National Pyjama Day.

National Pyjama Day is all about wearing your favourite pair of PJs to help The Pyjama Foundation raise much-needed awareness and funds for children in foster care.

Supporters from across Australia are getting ready to rock their PJs at work, school and everywhere in between.

The Pyjama Foundation founder and chief executive officer Bronwyn Sheehan said she was proud to see the Australian community back the fundraiser to support so many vulnerable children in our community.

“National Pyjama Day is the comfiest and most special way you can support children in care,” Bronwyn said.

“With one month to go, I am calling on the Australian community to register and support the 49,000 children in care in Australia.

“Sign up today and get ready to rock your PJs this July for kids in care.”

Bronwyn said the impact of the Love of Learning Program over the last 19 years has had a massive impact on the lives of so many.

“When I first considered bringing The Pyjama Foundation to life more than 18 years ago, never did I realise the potential impact that would be made,” she said.

“Our volunteer Pyjama Angels support children in building their learning, life skills and confidence to ultimately improve the trajectory of their lives.”

National Pyjama Day is vital to the success of the Love of Learning Program which is offered to children in foster care – Australia’s lowest performing educational group.

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