Local mum treks across Queensland in 10 days

Local mum and trek coach Lisa Marshall.

Local mum and trek coach Lisa Marshall recently returned home after covering 4000kms by vehicle and 250kms on foot in just 10 days, completing the 10 Great Walks of Queensland.

Lisa was invited by Brisbane based Expedition leader Luke Edwards to be his team mate on this epic adventure across the state.  The team of six, including two cameramen, two drivers and the two adventurers, set off on 18 July from Currumbin and the Gold Coast Great Walk and travelled from one National Park to the next, ending at the Gamaay Dreaming Trail in Cooktown on 27 July.

“When Luke asked me to take on this crazy challenge with him, I did not hesitate to say yes,” Lisa said.

“Even though at the time I wondered how we would physically be able to cover the trails and the driving distance, as well as filming for a documentary, with only one day in each location, between Currumbin and Cooktown. But it is not every day that one is offered the chance to explore magical National Parks on foot, with a great support crew alongside us, so I just knew I wanted to be part of this adventure.

“We met beautiful souls who saved us from being stranded, lent us vehicles, fed us, gave us a roof to sleep under, brain stormed routes and shared with us how much they love the National Parks they live near.”

Lisa said that her highlight of the trip was the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island.

“This is a 32km multi day hike, taking in pristine beaches, freshwater pools and ever-changing terrain,” she said.

“I felt like we were in Jurassic Park. I wasn’t even sure I could do 32kms in a day, never mind half a day. It just didn’t seem possible. We ran and trekked the trail in 5.5 hours, but our journey was enriched by meeting people of all ages hiking the trail and getting out in nature.”

Lisa said that she felt proud to be a Queenslander while exploring as every trail was so different to the next.

“Our beautiful State has so much to offer adventurers of every age. With Noosa as home, we have three of these ten Great Walks almost on our doorstep, and I loved all of them: The Sunshine Coast Great Walk in the Noosa Hinterland, Fraser Island and The Gold Coast Great Walk,” Lisa said.

“The most important outcome from this crazy expedition was for us to highlight to people the beautiful natural places in Queensland that are waiting for us to explore, but that being prepared is a must.”

To check out the ‘Queensland 10 in 10 Adventure’ visit the Facebook page Trek Coach, or Queensland National Parks.


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