Get ready Tiny Dancers, Elton is almost here

Nearly 20,000 are expected to pack the Sunshine Coast Stadium each night.

By Rose Astley

 The Sunshine Coast will be ‘Crocodile Rocking’ over the next two days as the legend himself will be putting on two unforgettable shows.Sir Elton John is set to christen the Sunshine Coast Stadium after nearly twelve years of planning and preparation have gone in to making this venue a coastal gem.Concert promoter Michael Chugg said that Elton is known for touring in ‘unusual’ places, which is why the Sunshine Coast will be graced with such a well known pop sensation.Kicking off tonight at 7.30, the colossal stage will be lit with nearly 600 lights and large screens so not a soul in the venue will miss any of the action.Nearly 20,000 are expected to be filling the stadium each night to see the ‘Rocket Man’ legend.