Clean up never ends

NICA river rangers John, Margaret and Allen with their haul.

By Margaret Maccoll

Crab pots, drug paraphernalia, camping equipment and lots and lots of plastic were among the items collected on Sunday when crews took part in Noosa’s Clean up Australia event.

Kayak Noosa’s Tracey Heran said about a dozen kayaks joined in the clean up. She said the water was looking very clear and king tides had pushed rubbish further up the river bank than usual. Tracey said they often cleaned up nearby islands after kids camped overnight and left their rubbish behind.

Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (NICA) river rangers worried they’d be picked up by the police while they ferried back a number of home made bongs in their rubbish collection. Eskies, camping gear and plastic also featured in their load.

The rangers who collect rubbish each week from the Noosa River said the amount of trash never diminishes.

Clean up Australia events were held across the shire including Peregian Beach where more than 100 nippers and their families collected piles of waste. In addition to plenty of micro-plastics there were a couple of unusual finds with an office chair and a drone.

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