Forest fix delivers good news for endurance riders

Riders taking part in the 2021 Easter at Stirlings endurance event. 274206_01

By Erle Levey

Easter at Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Ride is proceeding with confidence.

This follows concern that the trails, especially the forestry tracks, had been washed out during the recent extreme rain event.

Stirlings Crossing Endurance Club president Kim Moir said that meetings with HQPlantations were very positive.

“They must be complimented for their willingness to work with us to allow an Easter event to happen at Imbil,’’ Kim said.

“It was evident that some terrible damage had occurred and they have shown great commitment to make things happen.

“The repairs are reflective of their business but they have also thought about us and the impact Easter at Stirlings has on the Imbil community.

“A great many people come into the town at Easter and the endurance ride has been happening in one form or other for the past 20 years.

“Before that it was held at Kenilworth so there is a long and proud history there.’’

There will be 12 endurance events over three days.

About 300 riders and supporters from throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales are expected to attend at the Stirlings Crossing Endurance Centre from April 15-17.

That will see about 100 horses and riders on the course each day.

Recent Covid restrictions and the rain events have meant a lot will not have their horses ready for marathons.

There will be three marathon events – an Endurance Marathon of 240 kms, a Mini Marathon of 120 kms and a Micro Marathon of 60 km all run over three days.Vetting for the 240km marathon will start on the Thursday afternoon, April 14, and riding Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The 120km and 60km marathons will follow the same schedule.

There will be 80km, 40km and 20km rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Nominations and pre-ride vetting will be each afternoon – Thursday to Saturday.

Venue access is from 2pm on Wednesday with no early arrivals as the volunteers will be stretched.

There will be no access to track marking until the weekend before.