Adventure with purpose

Blue-spotted stingray

The Great Barrier Reef is under threat. Citizen science dramatically increases the amount of data available providing managers with valuable information to better inform decisions.

At Noosa Parks Association Friday Environment Forum on August 13, Di Shun Wah will share her experiences on a recent citizen science expedition which was partnered by Australian Geographic Society and GBR Legacy. The Coral Expedition cruise explored some of the remote reaches of the outer reef accompanied by leading scientists and researchers including Dr Dean Miller and Dr Charlie Veron.

In addition to participating in the citizen science projects such as Eye on the Reef and Coral Watch, passengers were able swim with dwarf minke whales under the supervision of Dr Alister Birtles whose team conducts multi-disciplinary research into dwarf minke whale biology and behaviour.

Come along to the NPA Environment Centre 5 Wallace Drive Noosaville to hear about ‘adventure with purpose’ and see current images of the reef. The forum starts at 10.30am and coffee is available at 10am. Join the bird observers at 8.30am in the carpark for interpretive birding. Visit for more information and the registration link.