Aussie director celebrates debut feature film

Rasmus King, who plays Rockit, had never acted before his leading role in the film.

By Abbey Cannan

A former Sunrise Beach resident turned award-winning filmmaker will celebrate the release of his debut feature film next week and bring his star-studded cast to the Sunshine Coast.

Bosch & Rockit will be in cinemas from 18 August, with a cast of home-grown talent including Luke Hemsworth, Rasmus King, Isabel Lucas, Leeanna Walsman, and Savannah La Rain.

The film is already receiving rave reviews from industry professionals, and now the community has a chance to see a special Q & A screening at BCC Maroochydore on Wednesday 10 August with the stars.

“I’m really fortunate that our film is playing in theatres and getting a theatrical release,“ director, writer and producer Tyler Atkins said.

“We’re an independent film. I just raised the money and made it myself without really asking for permission. So it’s my dream for my first feature to play in theatres.“

Filmed at iconic Byron Bay, against the canvas of Australia’s famous east coast surf beaches and rainforests, Bosch & Rockit is a raw and unapologetic exploration of unconscious parenting and the deeper themes of love, forgiveness, and relationships.

“I love films that are personal to the filmmakers and they come from somewhere,“ Tyler said.

“I’m not a fan of films that are made just to make money.“

Studying acting for more than a decade, Tyler started transitioning to work behind the camera about five years ago.

“This story is based on my life and it’s true the whole way through,“ he said.

“I obviously had to change things and compress it all into an hour and a half movie, which is quite challenging.“

He spent five years writing the script while working through his childhood trauma.

“I got really sick with kidney disease in my early 20s and it was the first time I had to face myself,“ Tyler said.

“I started travelling through India and meditating and doing yoga, and I’ve been sober for close to nine years now.

“So I started getting my life together and the theme of the repercussions of drugs and alcohol in families kept coming up.

“What I was really trying to articulate in this film was mirrored to my journey, and that was instead of being a victim through adversity, you really can rise from it and grow.

“Without my parents and without the things that I went through, I never could have become who I am.

“I believe crisis is the biggest opportunity for change. Once you can change that perspective, it’s really healing to forgive people. It took me a long time.“

Tyler shot the emotional film throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, being one of the first productions to successfully shoot through the worldwide pandemic.

“Spending all those years in acting class allowed me to seek and see those emotional truths in my actors,“ he said.

“I worked with some of the best actors in the business. Rasmus King, who plays Rockit, had never acted before and it was quite challenging, but I had faith in him. When you see his performance, it’s incredible.“

“Luke Hemsworth, this is his best role by far. To have a leading man who can be a tough guy but can also go into those vulnerable parts is really hard to find. It’s a very powerful role.“

Tyler has surfed and lived around the Australian beach culture since he was born, including time spent living locally in Sunrise Beach.

“When this went down, we moved to Sunrise Beach with my mother when I was 12 or 13,“ he said.

“I spent my whole life in the ocean, that was my outlet. One of the main characters in Bosch & Rockit is the ocean and that’s where he goes when he’s in a bad place. The ocean is my mother always and forever.“

Bosch and Rockit will be showing in cinemas from 18 August, with a special Q & A screening at BCC Maroochydore on Wednesday 10 August at 6pm.

Rasmus, Tyler and Savannah will be at the screening, with Lincoln Lewis hosting.

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